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Bae Seul Gi loses 8kg (~17lbs) in 40 days after reading a hate comment about her weight


Actress Bae Seul Gi says she lost 8kg(about 17lbs) in just 40 days.

Bae Seul Gi updated her Instagram with news of her weight loss under the caption "Workout Diary". She wrote, "I started filming without losing 11kg that I gained after getting married. I've always had a love for eating but I had good self-discipline. That wasn't the case anymore once I got married."  

She continued, "Other than hate comments calling out my pooch, I couldn't stand myself on camera looking like that. I eased into the diet and exercise and amped up the intensity gradually. The result was, I lost 8kg in just 40 days! I succeeded in a short span of time so even my cast actors were surprised."

She wrapped up the post saying she gained back 2kg after two cheat days in a row but said she's back to her regimen from now on. 

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myfirstwasmblaq2,458 pts Saturday, August 28, 2021 4
Saturday, August 28, 2021

Meanwhile, I’ve lost 18lbs since March and I’m proud that I’m not longer prediabetic and all of my blood results are normal. My doctor told me that weight loss doesn’t have to be fast, as long as I can keep losing weight. That way I can avoid the yo yo effect. So instead of a diet and intense exercise, I’ve modified my daily intake to something I can tolerate without suffering and walk 3-4 times per week. Slow but steady. My goal is a healthy body. Thank God I’m not an actress!

I had comments before on my weight from well intentioned family members, along the lines of “have you noticed you gained weight?” My response was “Yes, I own a mirror and a scale.” But it was hard due to the stress of my former job and the amount of overtime I did. I also didn’t realize that my weight was causing sleep apnea, so I was always tired. Covid motivated me to change my job and now I work from home from 7am to 4pm. I can eat healthier and I sleep better. everything is falling into place.


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nina97x12,425 pts Saturday, August 28, 2021 3
Saturday, August 28, 2021

If peep their videos and her insta she wasn’t big at all. These netizens or crazy. She looked good and healthy. You’re either sickly skinny or called obese. There’s no in between.


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