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Seventeen under fire for allegedly delaying a flight from Okinawa to Incheon by 1 hour


According to a couple of netizen accounts back on June 18, a flight from Okinawa, Japan to Incheon, Korea was delayed by an hour on this day, as the flight was waiting for guests who were late to board. 

One netizen vented about their delayed flight via SNS with, "Yesterday I was on a return flight with a particular boy group, and I have no idea what their deal was, but thanks to them, our flight was delayed nearly an hour. They announced, 'There are some passengers who passed through the security process but who were not able to board', and asked us to wait. They showed up later with their faces entirely covered and made their way to the business class. Some of the staff went to economy... I believe some of the other passengers complained, demanding why we have to deal with setbacks, who are they even anyway. If they always waited for everyone like this, I wouldn't be able to say anything.. but if they gave them special treatment for being celebrities, that would be outrageous. If you want to board flights according to your schedules, buy a private jet." 

Another netizen was seen writing on his/her blog, "The most annoying flight delay: Asiana OZ171. They said on the announcements that they were waiting for some late guests, and it was Seventeen!!!! The flight that was delayed over an hour left off as soon as Seventeen and their fans got on, how ridiculous. Even express buses say 'ding!' and leave without waiting for anyone, so I had no idea airplanes were such leisurely vehicles; the last part of my great Okinawa trip was full of disappointment. Korean celebrities sure have it nice."

The flight from Okinawa to Incheon on June 18 was supposed to arrive at 3:25 PM, but due to a delay, airline schedules confirmed that the plane actually arrived about an hour later, at 4:34 PM.

Netizens commented, "That many people had to wait an hour just for 13 idols..?", "An hour? Is that airline crazy??", "The flight to Japan is about an hour, but they waited an hour??", "What do they mean when they say they got through security, but then didn't board..", "Wow, some big bad celebrities have arrived, make way", "You could at least apologize when you're boarding", "This is very different from the image of Seventeen that I've had of them..", and more. 

Stay tuned for updates.

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Winston2,954 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 5
Thursday, June 20, 2019

I would love to hear what Pledis and Asiana has to say about it.


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123PoP580 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 1
Thursday, June 20, 2019

Wow I would have been angry too. These ppl have schedules and had to wait. Special treatment is just outrageous


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