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Netizens argue over SinB's 'judgmental face'

By jubilantj   Tuesday, August 9, 2016   102,688   7,669   0



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G-Friend SinB's 'judging face' has caused quite the commotion among K-netizens. 

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Earlier, a netizen (presumably a G-Friend anti), had written a post claiming that SinB does not have a good relationship with the rest of the G-Friend members. The netizen had argued his/her case by sharing several gifs of SinB making her famous judgmental 'RBF (resting bitch face)' at the other members, particularly Eunha. This post has since been deleted, and another post has surfaced online, this time defending SinB and spurning the claims made by the earlier poster. 

The post is titled 'Argument against G-Friend SinB's facial expression controversy,' and the OP shares the 'whole story' behind SinB's so-called 'RBF.' 

The OP, sharing a link to the post that claimed SinB does not like the other GF members, began, "This post was written to repudiate the claims made in the above post." 

"When you just glance at a part of this gif, it looks like SinB is jealous of Eunha and glowering at her. But shall we look at the whole picture? Did you see the whole thing? This is the truth. The author of the above post, cut out everything and only used a scene that could cause a misunderstanding with the intention of bringing SinB down."

"This is when they had their first music program win. Do they look like they have a 'bad relationship'?" 

"When you look at these gifs, this is how the members usually play/joke around with one another." 

"This is a scene from the August 8 airing of 'Young Street.' 

The OP then shared a past photo of Eunha and SinB hugging each other, along with a more recent picture of the two happily posing together, explaining that the two have been good friends for a long time. 

Netizens generally seemed to side with the OP, commenting, "Even if you write stuff like this, the b*tches on Pann will only read what they want anyway," "I really have no idea why you'd want to bash on such lovable and cute girls playing around and having fun," "This is the fact, forreals," "Even when I saw the previous post, I didn't believe it O_O scary how they make up stuff and assume lololol," "As expected, GF EunB line fo lyfe!" and more. 

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trogdorthe8th Thursday, August 11, 2016

I freaking loved her face in that gif, it was so hilarious! She was clearly playing around and having fun- but anti's will always find something and stretch it to the depths and beyond, warping every little thing so it coincides with whatever anti-story they have for an idol they don't like. I'm not a big fan of G-friend, I've only every really liked Me Gustas Tu, but they seem like a sweet and hard working group. Haters gonna hate I guess.

Lary_kpop Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SinB faces are probably what I like the most about her! Let her be spontaneous, guys! That is sooo rare on kpop :P

namjicki_minaj Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SinB's the meme in the group lol the antis are trying so hard gotta give it to them bc they watch every single video of them just to spot a scene and tweak it a bit so that they can rise uproars in the fandom. jokes on them.

Xadne Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SinB is so sweet and funny, stop trying to bring her down -_-

beyondordinary Wednesday, August 10, 2016

its honestly one of the things i love about her tho, her expressions crack me up sometimes

IGOTBUDDIES Tuesday, August 9, 2016

lol. people who criticise how sinb looks at her members like she hates or wants to kill em are so funny to me (& i bet the whole fandom) cuz they are obviously trying to find even the most ridiculous & the tiniest flaw/negativity in Gfriend. & they obviously don't know that, THAT is the way the members joke with one another. That's especially how the eunbi line jokes. lol. To have someone make an article about it 'negatively' is really a joke, cuz it obviously shows that they know NOTHING about gf. lmao

Nanasoshi1007 Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I does that to my best friends come on, idols are HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elfinkyy Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why do netizens always expect all the idols to have smiles on their faces all the time?

263511 elfinkyy Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Only five people ---allkpop ? who are you?

movingpictures elfinkyy Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Exactly. They're humans. They have other emotions other than happiness. They cry, they get angry, they mourn, they get jealous. They're fucking humans.

cococcchanel Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jokes and playing around taken of context...

Ninja0104 Tuesday, August 9, 2016

omfg.. here we go again.. speculating over a facial expression, instead of caring about the real problems in this world.. *sigh*

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