• Doojoon talks about his kiss scene with Seo Hyun Jin in 'Let's Eat 2'

    July 29, 2015 @ 5:29 pm

    B2ST appeared on MBC Everyone's 'Weekly Idol' on July 29 and the topic of leader Doojoon's kiss scene with Seo Hyun Jin from 'Let's Eat 2' was brought up.  Jung Hyung Don said, "I heard that you were so nervous that the actress had to lead." He said, "I get nervous [for every kiss scene], but not to the point I was led," and got on the defensive due to the teasing.When asked, "Was it because you had other feelings?" suggesting he was shaken

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  • MAMAMOO to make their first appearance ever on 'Weekly Idol'

    July 29, 2015 @ 11:51 am

    Girls' Generation isn't the only girl group to be making their first ever appearance on 'Weekly Idol' soon! Star rookie girl group MAMAMOO was revealed to have also been invited onto the set recently.An agency rep stated on July 29, "MAMAMOO ended up appearing on 'Weekly Idol.' They recorded it yesterday."As the members are known for their quirky and lovable personalities, fans are undoubtedly excited to see what ridiculous situations they get th

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  • What restrictions did Cube impose on B2ST when they first debuted?

    July 29, 2015 @ 11:21 am

    B2ST were the guests on the July 29 episode of 'Weekly Idol' on which the members revealed the restrictions that their agency's president had imposed on them during their early debut days. The MCs had quizzed the group on "Match the restrictions that the agency president enforced on the members," exposing what each member wasn't allowed to do when they initially debuted. At first, the B2ST appeared as if they didn't remember anything, b

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  • All 8 members of Girls' Generation reported to appear on 'Weekly Idol' for the first time!

    July 28, 2015 @ 9:43 pm

    Remember that time Yuri mentioned she wanted Girls' Generation to guest on 'Weekly Idol'? Get excited because it's reported to be happening!Broadcast reps revealed, "It's been confirmed that Girls' Generation will guest on 'Weekly Idol'. Filming will be around next week and the episode is set to air in the middle of August."Many top groups have appeared on the show, including fellow SM groups, but surprisingly Girls' Generation have never taken p

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  • A Pink's manager says Bomi is the problem member

    July 22, 2015 @ 9:37 am

    A Pink's manager singled out Bomi as the problem member on the July 22nd episode of MBC's 'Weekly Idol'. Hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn questioned the manager, who's worked for A Pink for a little over a year, about which member is the most problematic within the group. The manager said without hesitation, "It's Bomi. She talks too much. I'm not sure about what topics."In related news, A Pink recently made a comeback with "Rememb

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  • INFINITE tease Sungjong more after 'Real Men'?

    July 15, 2015 @ 4:13 pm

    INFINITE were the celebrity guests on 'Weekly Idol' on July 15 and maknae Sungjong talked about his experience on military reality program, 'Real Men.' Sungjong said regarding the show, "I didn't think it'd be hard, but it was extremely hard.  I really felt through this that soldiers were amazing."Despite all of his efforts, it seems Sungjong became the target of teasing from his fellow members.  Sungjong revealed, "After appearing on 'Real Men,'

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  • INFINITE's manager pinpoints what he wants Woohyun to change about himself

    July 15, 2015 @ 2:13 pm

    INFINITE's manager made an appearance on MBC Everyone's 'Weekly Idol' on July 15 while the boys guested on the episode.  On the show, the members were unable to succeed at 'Random Play,' causing laughter. They got themselves a third chance, but they ended up failing that, as well.  However, as a result, their manager not the members themselves had to go through the punishment. This is why they had felt a stronger responsibility during the game, b

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  • BTOB brings up Sungjae's rise to popularity and more on 'Weekly Idol'

    July 8, 2015 @ 4:35 pm

    On the July 8 episode of 'Weekly Idol,' BTOB discussed many things ranging from the Sungjae's newfound popularity and the composition process behind the group's new song "It's Okay" to the vocal ranks of the group members. BTOB exchanged some good-natured banter regarding Sungjae's rise to stardom, which he achieved through his starring in 'School 2015.' The members, who were introducing their new song, joked, "This time it was thanks to Sungjae,

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  • A Pink's Bomi can't stop her tears as she says goodbye on 'Weekly Idol'

    July 8, 2015 @ 2:35 pm

    A Pink's Bomi shed tears saying her goodbyes with BTOB's Ilhoon on the July 8 episode of 'Weekly Idol.'  Fellow cast member Jung Hyung Don expressed his gratitude towards the two idols with sincere words that went, "Today is the last broadcast for Ilhoon and Bomi who have been with us for two years. To show our thanks for the two who gave their all and wasn't afraid to ruin their images, we prepared a plaque of appreciation that expres

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  • TEEN TOP are victims to hilariously cruel punishments that destroy their image on 'Weekly Idol'

    July 1, 2015 @ 1:11 pm

    The July 1 episode of MBC Every1's 'Weekly Idol' saw the death of TEEN TOP's image as the slick gentlemen that they had perfected for their comeback with "Ah-Ah." TEEN TOP were the reluctant participants in various challenges presented to them throughout the show, including 99 seconds of aegyo, 99 seconds of resolution, and more! To the dismay of the TEEN TOP members (and to the glee of the MCs and the viewers), they failed at each of the challen

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