• CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon move in for a kiss in 'We Got Married' trailer

    April 28, 2015 @ 6:11 pm

    May is just around the corner--like literally because it's this weekend--and 'We Got Married' has a special treat for fans!  In a new trailer, 'We Got Married' showed the explosive chemistry with the CNBLUE's Jonghyun and actress Gong Seung Yeon couple.These two attractive lovebirds seem to be doing their couple shoot in this video as cameras are flashing and they pose closely--real closely.  The two lean for a kiss, putting viewers on the edge o

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  • Kim So Eun plays a spicy trick on Song Jae Rim on 'We Got Married'

    April 25, 2015 @ 4:57 pm

    Kim So Eun played a spicy trick on Song Jae Rim on the April 25 installment of 'We Got Married'.Song Jae Rim worked on their garden, while Kim So Eun prepared a few snacks for a picnic. Inside the rice balls, Kim So Eun prepared an unexpected treat for her onscreen husband, putting hot mustard and hot sauce in the rice. She said, "We're going on a picnic, and it'd be boring if I made regular snacks. So I made special rice balls. It's filled with

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  • CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon continue their romantic date in Japan on 'We Got Married'

    April 25, 2015 @ 2:35 pm

    On the April 25 installment of 'We Got Married', Gong Seung Yeon and CNBLUE's Jonghyun continued their romantic date in Japan. After taking a stroll, the good-looking couple decided to take a carriage ride, and Jonghyun even surprised Gong Seung Yeon by pulling the cart himself. She commented, "You have a wide back. I really like the way you look from behind," showing her affection. On the same episode, Gong Seung Yeon also surprised Jonghyun at

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  • Henry comforts a tearful Yewon about her scandal with Lee Tae Im on 'We Got Married'

    April 25, 2015 @ 1:37 pm

    Henry comforted Yewon by bringing her scandal involving actress Lee Tae Im all out in the open on the April 25 installment of 'We Got Married'. The couple prepared to move into their newlywed home, which was a traditional Korean-style one-story house. Henry was obviously worried for Yewon and asked, "Are you okay? Have you been well?" When he gave her gifts from his trip to Canada, Yewon started tearing up. He said, "People make mistakes. What m

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  • Kangnam says he feels like a 'We Got Married' couple with Yura on 'I Live Alone'

    April 25, 2015 @ 6:00 am

    On the April 24th episode of MBC's 'I Live Alone', Kangnam decided to paint a drawing on the outside wall of his house, and he called his friend Girl's Day's Yura to help him.He said, "We became close through another program. She draws really well. I asked her to help me, and she's coming." The two talked as they painted the wall white. After a while, Kangnam said, "As I'm doing this with you, it feels like 'We Got Married'." He added t

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  • Yewon thanks Henry for consoling her during hard times on 'We Got Married'

    April 24, 2015 @ 3:03 am

    Henry and Yewon might possibly be one of the cutest couples to appear on 'We Got Married'.On the upcoming episode of MBC's 'We Got Married', Henry, who hadn't seen Yewon in a while, came up to her and touched her cheeks, saying that her normally chubby cheeks had lost all their fat. Henry was away for a little while to visit his home country of Canada, and he brought back Canadian snacks, ice wine, and maple syrup for his wife, who looked very to

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  • Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun watch a 19+ movie at a drive-in theater on 'We Got Married'

    April 18, 2015 @ 5:21 pm

    Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun had a romantic, 19+ drive-in movie date on the April 18 edition of 'We Got Married'. Though they went on a date in the city, the couple made sure to take care of their little country home and farm first. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun worked on making a scarecrow for their vegetable plot, and as always, Song Jae Rim wasn't shy about his cheesy one-liners. Kim So Eun revealed during her solo interview, "I feel like I'm sh

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  • Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon visit a haunted house in Japan on 'We Got Married'

    April 18, 2015 @ 3:41 pm

    On the April 18 installment of 'We Got Married', CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon enjoyed a romantic date at an amusement park in Japan. Hearing that his onscreen wife Gong Seung Yeon is scared of haunted houses, Jonghyun decided to take her to one. As expected, she made sure to stick close to him, making him grin from ear to ear. The lovely couple also visited a beautiful flower garden, where Jonghyun asked Gong Seung Yeon what her first i

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  • Henry lights himself on fire cooking for Yewon on 'We Got Married'

    April 18, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

    Super Junior's Henry literally lit himself on fire trying to impress Yewon on the April 18 installment of 'We Got Married'.Henry invited Yewon over to his apartment, where he started cooking a meal for her. As it was something he'd been talking up for a while, Henry seems to have felt a bit of pressure to impress her as he told her to just watch instead of helping. Yewon was definitely pleasantly surprised by Henry's well-known skills in the kitc

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  • Henry and Yewon create a couple song for themselves in still from upcoming episode of 'We Got Married'

    April 17, 2015 @ 2:09 am

    Don't you think Henry and Yewon make the cutest hubby and wifey?During the filming for the upcoming episode of MBC's 'We Got Married', Henry and Yewon create a romantic 'couple song' in a studio!Henry showed Yewon his place for the first time, and showed her his studio too. There, he sang her several songs he had written, including a song called "Again, Again". The two showed different sides of themselves, as the two, who are typically playful an

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