• Park Soojin releases debut MV teaser for 'My Story' starring 'Reply 1994's Kim Sung Kyun

    March 12, 2014 @ 10:27 pm

    Park Soojin is teasing our ears with a snippet of her debut song "My Story" with the MV teaser starring 'Reply 1994's Kim Sung Kyun! Kim Sung Kyun is seen on the verge of tears as he starts off saying, "Love...", and laughs it off in a sad way. Park Soojin then comes in with her singing, "This is my story", leaving fans curious about what is making the actor so sad. Fans have been waiting a long time for her debut since 'Birth of A Great Star 3'

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  • Brave Entertainment's new artist Park Soojin confirms debut date

    March 5, 2014 @ 9:23 pm

    'Birth of A Great Star 3's Park Soojin will finally make her debut on March 14! She made the big announcement on Twitter, writing, "Brave [Entertainment]'s first solo artist Park Soojin's debut has been confirmed for 2014.3.14. We ask that you show a lot of interest and encouragement to Park Soojin so that she can display her ability and spread her wings as a singer #ParkSoojin'sDebutConfirmed"It's said she'll be releasing a musical dr

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  • INFINITE wrap up their tour through 'One Great Step Returns' encore concert with exciting comeback news, new unit, & new songs

    March 1, 2014 @ 12:46 am

    INFINITE entertained their devoted fans with a two day concert as the encore to their world tour 'One Great Step' starting on February 28. The boys not only dazzled with their performances of their hit songs on the first night, but also had Inspirits screaming in excitement as they announced several new agendas! In front of the sold out crowd at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, the boys brought their synchronized choreos as well as heart

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  • INFINITE to reveal 3 new songs at their Seoul encore concert 'One Great Step Returns'

    February 23, 2014 @ 8:26 pm

    INFINITE will be revealing 3 new songs at their encore concert!Their label said, "At INFINITE's Seoul world tour encore concert on February 28th and March 1st, 3 new songs will be revealed. The members will hold completely new stages." The boys haven't released their comeback plans yet. But since they haven't been able to release new songs since August of last year due to their world tour, the boys worked hard to prepare the songs for their fans

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  • 'The Great Marriage' to air its season finale today

    February 19, 2014 @ 3:01 am

    'The Great Marriage' is finally coming to an end! The JTBC reality show will air its season finale today on February 19. The show's staff rep told Star News on the 19th, "'The Great Marriage' will end with its final broadcast today... All of the featured celebrities will leave... We naturally enter a break and plan to prepare for the program with various possibilities including a season two."'The Great Marriage' took female celebrities in their

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  • Han Dong Geun gets fans excited for his upcoming debut with his cover of 'Let It Go'

    February 11, 2014 @ 6:50 am

    'Birth of a Great Star 3' winner and Pledis Entertainment's new artist Han Dong Geun showcased his talent in his cover of "Let It Go"!Han Dong Geun sang the male version of the song, which has been dominating music charts and gave fans ear candy with his deep yet soft voice, making fans anticipate his debut even more.Han Dong Geun is currently preparing for his debut set for early this year.[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • INFINITE releases set of posters for encore concert 'ONE GREAT STEP RETURNS'

    February 9, 2014 @ 7:50 pm

    INFINITE has released 7 different posters for their encore concert!The new posters feature all 7 of the boys, but each one puts a different member in the center. The boys strike a different post when they're in the center front than when they're in then back, so fans have a lot of eye candy to look at! Their encore concert "One Great Step Returns" is set for February 28th and March 1st, and all 20,000 seats are already sold out. Check

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  • 'Birth of a Great Star 3' winner Han Dong Geun gets ready for debut release under Pledis Entertainment

    February 7, 2014 @ 11:51 pm

    'Birth of a Great Star 3' winner Han Dong Geun will finally make his debut with a single album early this year! He signed with Pledis Entertainment last year in May, and it seems like his debut will be coming up soon as an agency rep told Star News on the 8th, "Once the title track is decided, his debut date is set to be confirmed... [Han Dong Geun] will greet the public with a good single album.""Han Dong Geun is someone with a distinct voice c

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  • SISTAR's Soyu passes the driving test on 'The Great Marriage'

    February 5, 2014 @ 5:38 pm

    SISTAR's Soyu passed a driving test to get her license on the February 5 edition of JTBC's variety program 'The Great Marriage'!From the very beginning, Soyu did not know which pedal was the brake and was deducted points for every issued instruction during her practice.  Soyu finally arrived at the test site very nervously, and throughout the exam, she amused viewers with her very narrow pass at even simple instructions like turning on the w

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  • INFINITE's encore concert 'One Great Step Returns' in Seoul sells out immediately

    January 16, 2014 @ 10:31 pm

    INFINITE sold out all 20,000 tickets for their encore concert 'One Great Step Returns' to be held in Seoul! Their agency Woollim revealed, "Immediately upon the opening of ticket sale, the reservation site Interpark went down. After an hour, the site was able to barely operate properly again. All of the 20,000 tickets were sold out and it attracted a traffic of 220,000 visitors signing on at the same time.""The encore concert which will be held

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