• Jung Eun Woo talks about confessing his feelings and kissing girlfriend Park Han Byul

    January 20, 2015 @ 7:52 pm

    Actor Jung Eun Woo appeared on tvN's 'Taxi' on January 20 where he was naturally asked about his recently revealed girlfriend, Park Han Byul.  He stated that they had no time to develop feelings during their drama, but after it finished, the drama cast and staff hung out together by going scuba diving and started becoming close.  When asked when he started liking her, Jung Eun Woo surprised people by saying, "This could seem perverted,"

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  • Cast of tvN's 'Misaeng' to donate their appearance fees from 'Taxi' to 'World Embracing Youth'

    January 3, 2015 @ 9:02 am

    tvN's 'Misaeng' cast members revealed that they will be donating their appearance fees from the variety show 'Taxi' to 'World Embracing Youth', a non-profit organization that provides hope for students through the arts. Twelve 'Misaeng' cast members, including ZE:A's Siwan, Lee Sung Min, Kang So Ra, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Dae Myung, and Byun Yo Han who were the featured guests on the January 2nd and 3rd New Year special episodes of 'Tax

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  • Soyu reveals that she was hit on several times after promoting 'Some'

    December 23, 2014 @ 6:19 pm

    On the December 23 broadcast of tvN's 'TAXI', the SISTAR members talked about their dating experiences.During the episode, SISTAR was referred to as the girl group with no scandals. At this, the members replied, "It's not that we don't have dating experience. We've dated in school, and during our trainee years there was an adult-like member who dated too." When Soyu was asked if she had been hit on after the release of her popular "Some" collabor

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  • SISTAR choose Yoo Ah In and Kikwang as potential kiss performance partners

    December 23, 2014 @ 1:49 pm

    On the December 23 broadcast of tvN's 'TAXI', gagwoman Lee Young Ja asked SISTAR which male celebrity they would like as their kiss performance partner.During the episode, SISTAR talked about how they were nearing their late 20s and felt sad about getting older. Lee Young Ja then mentioned, "I think that SISTAR never did anything surprisingly like a kiss performance." She then asked the members who they would like to do a kiss performance with, g

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  • Tablo reveals he once felt burdened by G-Dragon's expensive gift

    December 10, 2014 @ 5:04 am

    Epik High's Tablo revealed that Big Bang's G-Dragon goes big or goes home even when it comes to gifting on the December 9th broadcast of tvN's 'Taxi'! When asked who his most memorable collaboration partner was, Tablo chose G-Dragon, saying, "In the past, I did a featuring for G-Dragon's album. What was good about working with Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) is that after finishing everything, he gives out presents... A very good one. He gave me a very

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  • DJ Tukutz reveals he chased his wife for 10 years

    December 9, 2014 @ 4:19 pm

    On the December 10 airing of tvN's 'Taxi,' Epik High's DJ Tukutz revealed the back story regarding his marriage and showed his undying affection for his wife and his son, revealing a much more loving and romantic side to his usual humorous side.DJ Tukutz revealed to the hosts, "I chased after my wife for about ten years. The cycle of proposing and giving up went on for about ten years." However, being the persistent man that he is, DJ Tukutz

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  • Tablo reveals he received help from his wife when signing under YG + reveals which Epik High member is awkward around Yang Hyun Suk

    December 9, 2014 @ 12:49 pm

    Epik High's Tablo revealed that he received help from his wife, Kang Hye Jung when signing under YG Entertainment, during the December 9 edition of tvN's 'Taxi.' Tablo said, "At the time I was having a hard time because of the scandals. So agencies were hesitant to lend a helping hand. They were uncomfortable because there were so many people who hated me at the time." He continued, "And at the time, my wife Kang Hye Jung was in YG so she made pl

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  • Topp Dogg's Kidoh debuts as solo artist with 'Taxi on the Phone' MV

    September 25, 2014 @ 11:18 am

    Topp Dogg's Kidoh has now officially launched his solo career with the release of "Taxi on the Phone" MV, featuring comedian Lee Kuk Ju and fellow group mate Sangdo!The song is very soothing with a laid back beat and his gentle voice while the MV adds a touch of humor.  In it, Kidoh is a taxi driver who has to deal with various customers, such as a pregnant Lee Kuk Ju who claims, "The baby is coming!"There are cute video game graphics also laid o

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  • Kidoh drops second teaser for 'Taxi on the Phone' with fellow Topp Dogg member Sangdo

    September 23, 2014 @ 12:13 pm

    Topp Dogg's Kidoh dropped another teaser video for his upcoming solo debut!This video for his track, "Taxi on the Phone," features a very smooth melody, humorously juxtaposed with appearances by Topp Dogg's Sangdo and comedian Lee Kuk Ju.His first EP album, 'Small Album,' will be released on September 26!

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  • Topp Dogg's Kidoh releases teaser for solo track 'Taxi on the Phone'

    September 22, 2014 @ 11:24 pm

    Kidoh will be the 1st member of Topp Dogg to make his solo debut with title track, "Taxi on the Phone", feat. fellow member Sangdo! His agency Stardom Entertainment explained regarding the teaser, "The horse on the meter symbolizes Kidoh's relentless approach towards music."Be on the lookout for another teaser on the 24th! Kidoh's solo album will also be released online on the 26th!Tip: Victoria, kat56

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