• Rainbow wraps up promotions for 'Sunshine'

    June 30, 2013 @ 5:29 pm

    It's been a good run, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, this week marked the last performances for Rainbow and their latest comeback, "Sunshine". Posing for a group photo (including a hastily-photoshopped Woori), the girls promised to return soon, better than ever. What kind of concept would you want to see the multicolored girl group tackle next?

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  • Rainbow gets you off your feet with the dance version of their "Sunshine" MV

    June 18, 2013 @ 11:18 pm

    What shines behind a rainbow? Sunshine of course, so Rainbow is back to bring you more of their cute charms with the dance version of their "Sunshine" MV! Rainbow returned with 'Rainbow Syndrome Part 2' after the Part 1 release back in February to make a speed

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  • [POLL] The battle of the girl groups in June: Which one was your favorite comeback?

    June 15, 2013 @ 6:30 pm

    Back in May, we had SECRET, 4minute, and T-ara N4 go head to head in their girl group battle, and two weeks into June, we have even more girl groups who made their way back to the K-pop scene. Rainbow - "Sunshine"Rainbow is the unique one out of the comeback girl groups because they've decided to tackle the summer heat with an overdose of cuteness with "Sunshine"! Armed with a song that perfectly fits their group name,

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  • Rainbow members reveal the secret behind the numbers on their music show stage outfits

    June 11, 2013 @ 8:06 pm

    If you are a Rainbow fan, you might have wondered what the numbers on their various music show stage outfits were hinting at.  It turns out there's actually quite a simple explanation behind them. The girls revealed, "The number on our outfit is the channel number of each broadcast station". So for 'Music Bank' they wore '7' for KBS, for 'Music Core' they wore '11' for MBC, and for 'Inkigayo' they wore '5' for SBS! Sadly, it s

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  • Rainbow brings cuteness overload with their dance tutorial for "Sunshine"

    June 11, 2013 @ 12:10 am

    Rainbow gave fans a warm welcome with their title track, "Sunshine", and they're now following up in their adorable tutus to teach fans how to dance along with the song's choreography! Rainbow broke up the dance into three simple steps known as the 'twinkle twinkle', 'mommy's hands', and 'blowing skirt' dance. Each dance had its own cute element and the girls make it seemingly easy, walking you through it step by step. So get up off you

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  • CL wins her 1st SBS 'Inkigayo' mutizen + Performances from the June 9th episode!

    June 8, 2013 @ 11:36 pm

    The producers of SBS' 'Inkigayo' have lined up another episode full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the charismatic actor Lee Hyun Woo, alongside ZE:A's Kwanghee and IU!  In addition to the usual stages, MBLAQ tell u

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  • A light of adorable goodness, a fun examination of Rainbow's "Sunshine" MV

    June 7, 2013 @ 6:37 pm

    Rainbow's new title song "Sunshine" has been sending our hearts aflutter with its upbeat tempo since its release. And can we blame ourselves? The lightheartedness of "Sunshine" appears to complement the careless freedom that we often associate with lazy summer days, and the adorable MV is certainly no different. The ladies of Rainbow are as bubbly as the song they're promoting, and so we thought it'd only be appropriate to mak

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  • Who's the hottie in Rainbow's "Sunshine" MV?

    June 5, 2013 @ 2:45 pm

    If you watched Rainbow's MV for "Sunshine", you might have been wondering as to who that hot guy in sunglasses was. He's none other than Matthew Kim who was a contestant on the first season of SBS' 'K-Pop Star'. Matthew's currently a trainee at DSP Media, and his label stated, "The man in the sunglasses in Rainbow's 'Sunshine' MV is Matthew Kim. He's currently a trainee at DSP Media, and he played the role of the cheating bo

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  • Rainbow brings in "Sunshine" with their new MV + 'Rainbow Syndrome Part 2' album

    June 3, 2013 @ 11:02 pm

    Rainbow has brought "Sunshine" to make your day just a bit brighter! The group has returned with 'Rainbow Syndrome Part 2' after the Part 1 release back in February, making a quick comeback in just 4 months! We've been teased with quite a few teaser sets, and like they all hinted, the girls continue on with the bright image with their new title track, as you'll be able to see for yourselves in the MV above!  Kiss Me Don't T

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  • Rainbow expect to go wild with "Sunshine" according to CSI Interview + new Woori & Jaekyung teaser photo

    June 2, 2013 @ 11:52 pm

    With just one day left, Rainbow is continuing to pull out all the stops for their "Sunshine" comeback. The group will be returning with 'Rainbow Syndrome Part 2' after the Part 1 release back in February, making a quick comeback in just 4 months! They're expected to continue with their bright, upbeat image from "Tell Me Tell Me" with their new title track.  The girls sat down for a 'Coming Soon Interview' to introduce the album

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