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Interview: F.cuz member LeeU cried a lot

Newsen recently conducted an interview with the members of F.cuz, more specifically LeeU, as his father is already a well established trot singer (Sul…

   Monday, January 18, 2010   6,316   0   0


F.cuz segment on Entertainment Relay

F.cuz was the focus of the music segment on the January 2nd edition of KBS2 Entertainment Relay. The filming for this segment took place around two we…

   Saturday, January 2, 2010   1,329   0   0

Music Releases

Sul Woon Do visits F.Cuz

As you all know, Lee-U, a member of upcoming boy group F.Cuz, has a father who is a famous trot singer, Sul Woon Do. On the 15th, F.Cuz went to film …

   Wednesday, December 16, 2009   2,649   0   0