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Yoo Seung Jun fulfills his dream

Through his movie "Junior Soldiers," Yoo Seung Jun is finally fulfilling one of his dreams. A spokesperson said "Yoo Seung Jun has been practicing Ch…

   Friday, April 10, 2009   2,771   0   0


Yoo Seung Jun is in a Movie

Anyone else been wondering what this guy has been up to? Probably not. But he's been keeping busy (in shape, as well) and rubbing elbows with big dog …

   Thursday, February 5, 2009   3,023   4   0

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Yoo Seung Jun wants Forgiveness

Yoo Seung Jun gave an interview in Beijing China stating how its so unfortunate for him not be able to go to Korea with his wife and son. He asks if …

   Friday, January 23, 2009   5,977   54,689   0