[POLL] Best Male Dancer of K-Pop

We all know the K-Pop world is never in the lack of amazing dancers, so I've always wanted to make such a compilation of the best ones out there. Deci…

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After looking over all the entries we've finally come up with the allkpop Idol Top 20! We've split the voting into five different brackets with four c…

   Saturday, June 27, 2009   2,091   0   0


Seven Guys and Seven One Last Cries

There is always that song that everyone sings to prove to the world that they are good. In both Korea and America, the best example of such a song is…

   Tuesday, June 23, 2009   2,320   0   0
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allkpop's Hottest Male Star Under 25

Come on now, you all knew this was coming. Considering that allkpop readers are predominantly females, how can we possibly post up a top 10 hottest f…

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Round 1 of allkpop Idol Begins!

To be honest we weren't expecting this kind of response from our readers which caused us to change the rules a bit for the contest. Instead of ending …

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Se7en has a date with a Lucky fan

Out of the thousands of entries, Kylie was the lucky winner of the Verizon Wireless and Samsung Win-A-Date with Se7en contest. On April 24th 2009, she…

   Thursday, May 7, 2009   1,989   0   0

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Chung Lim vs AJ on M! Countdown Heroes

After Rain and Se7en, there have been practically no successors to their throne. That special someone who could wow and captivate audiences at the sam…

   Thursday, April 16, 2009   2,676   0   0

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Se7en Found His Date...

...and that lucky person is Kylie. Se7en's win a date contest recently ended with 1 lucky winner getting a date with Se7en himself. Se7en is extremely…

   Tuesday, April 14, 2009   1,399   0   0


Request Se7en's Girls On The Radio!

Se7en & allkpop will be announcing some big events soon as they travel to Atlanta on April 18th. In the meantime please remember to call your local ra…

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Take Tiffany Out to the Ball Game

According to a poll done by Bugs, Girls' Generation / SNSD's Tiffany is the "most wanted to go to a baseball game with." Out of the 4,338 people who v…

   Wednesday, April 1, 2009   4,394   0   0