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Jaejoong rants about sasaeng fans

JYJ's Jaejoong ranted about his sasaeng fans again. On July 30th, the star tweeted, "Sasaeng taxi teams have grown a lot in numbers. Drivers wh…

   Saturday, July 30, 2011   18,349   8   1

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B2ST's Yoseob responds to 'sasaeng fans'

After reprimanding B2ST's sasaeng fans for their irresponsible behavior via Twitter, Yoseob took direct action by cleaning a fan's scribble off a …

   Saturday, February 26, 2011   28,300   28   2

Social Media

Jaejoong rants about Sasaeng Fans

Social Micro blogging service Twitter is a valuable resource for many fans to follow their favorite celebrities and learn more about them. Recentl…

   Tuesday, December 7, 2010   21,259   1   0