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Piggy Dolls release MV for 'Butterflies'

Piggy Dolls, who recently made a return with a new line up of members, is back with another track, "Butterflies"! As mentioned before, the members ha…

serendipity   Thursday, September 26, 2013   15,886   99   32

MV Releases

Piggy Dolls are back with 'Ordinary Girl' MV

Piggy Dolls, who've been absent from the music scene for over a year, are finally back with a song called "Ordinary Girl"! However, you may not recogn…

serendipity   Wednesday, September 4, 2013   31,636   143   241
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Music Releases

Piggy Dolls release "Hakuna Matata" MV

Although the pop trio Piggy Dolls released their first album 'Hakuna Matata' and title track "Know Her" back in July, the talented ladies have supri…

   Sunday, September 11, 2011   33,505   0   0


Piggy Dolls talk briefly about their diet

Pop trio Piggy Dolls recently shared their feelings about their new diet. On September 9th's episode of "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook", the girls …

   Saturday, September 10, 2011   42,474   0   0