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[Song & MV Review] SoljiHani - 'Only One'

SOLJIHANI - "ONLY ONE"Hani and Solji from EXID are coming back, only this they're not teaming as subunit Dasoni, but instead under their own names. Th…

eric_r_wirsing   Monday, March 7, 2016   4,300   4,744   0
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LUNAFLY cover Sam Smith's 'I'm Not the Only One'

Have you been missing LUNAFLY? Well, members Sam and Yun paired up for a sweet cover of Sam Smith's "I'm Not the Only One"!The soothing sound of the g…

alim17   Friday, January 23, 2015   10,132   2,648   11

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JYJ releases a making-of MV for 'Only One'!

JYJ has released a making-of MV for "Only One"!The song is for the '2014 Incheon Asia Games', which the JYJ boys are the ambassadors of. It's a h…

jennywill   Sunday, October 6, 2013   29,725   473   65