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Tzuyu is asked if she is better than Seolhyun

TWICE's Tzuyu was cornered with a slightly provocative question from the MC on the March 2 airing of 'One Night of TV Entertainment.' The MC questione…

jubilantj   Wednesday, March 2, 2016   105,522   14,019   163


Shim Eun Kyung doesn't think she's pretty?

SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' had an interview with talented actress Shim Eun Kyung this week, and she revealed many different things like cho…

alim17   Thursday, February 25, 2016   9,508   1,229   8


Seolhyun meets her rival in TWICE's Tzuyu?

The 'CF queen' Seolhyun was the guest on the February 3 airing of SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment,' on which she was asked about TWICE's Tzuyu be…

jubilantj   Wednesday, February 3, 2016   92,075   14,784   373


Jo Jung Suk is asked whether he is a good kisser

Jo Jung Suk was on the receiving end of some uncomfortable questions from fellow actors on the January 27 episode of 'One Night of TV Entertainment,' …

jubilantj   Wednesday, January 27, 2016   9,861   2,645   6


Actress Oh Yeon Seo admits she is an EXO-L

Say whaaat? The beautiful actress Oh Yeon Seo is an EXO fan? Well, we don't blame her for liking them! The boys certainly have a charm that is hard to…

jubilantj   Wednesday, January 27, 2016   16,779   14,311   38