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TWICE rock fashionable handbags in 'Nylon'

Girl group TWICE can be seen in the pages of fashion magazine 'Nylon,' rocking gorgeous handbags!Pictures unveiled on February 26 show the girls in si…

alim17   Friday, February 26, 2016   28,202   9,056   29


Does Roy Kim look old to you?

Roy Kim revealed that he was pretty confident about his looks in a recent interview with 'Nylon' magazine.The 22-year-old was asked about the fac…

elliefilet   Friday, December 18, 2015   7,565   2,777   19


Check out more of Red Velvet for 'Nylon'

Before you grab your copy of 'Nylon Korea' you can see more released images of Red Velvet and their cover story video! The girls took on two diff…

thewesterngirl   Thursday, November 19, 2015   13,908   2,339   24


Red Velvet are mature fall ladies for 'Nylon'

Oohh girl, you work those ankle socks and tweeds!  Red Velvet shed their adorable, refreshing image to transform into mature fall ladies for a recent…

jubilantj   Wednesday, November 18, 2015   14,459   411   33


SHINee's Minho graces the cover of 'Nylon'

Look at who the handsome cover man of 'Nylon' is! SHINee's Minho is looking handsome and fresh in the November issue. In fact, we'd say that he's the …

thewesterngirl   Saturday, October 17, 2015   10,157   14,010   6