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Hwang Jung Eum shows off new hairstyle

Actress Hwang Jung Eum recently revealed her new latest hairstyle causing quite the buzz from fans. On October 20th, Hwang Jung Eum posted a se…

   Sunday, October 23, 2011   26,685   63,389   0
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Noh Min Woo shows off a feminine side

On July 9th, singer/actor Noh Min Woo shared a photo showing off his handsome looks through Twitter. The star wrote, "Finished recording sound …

   Sunday, July 10, 2011   9,016   0   0

General, Movies

Noh Min Woo taken to the emergency room

On November 15th, actor Noh Min Woo was taken to the emergency room after an accident that occurred on the set of his latest drama. While he was …

   Tuesday, November 16, 2010   8,302   0   0


The Pasta boys and Kara girls play matchmaking!

Three of the chefs from popular drama Pasta recently made an appearance on KBS Star Golden Bell. On this episode, the boys, Kim Tae Ho, Noh Min Woo…

   Saturday, March 27, 2010   10,877   49,089   0

Music Releases

24/7 Releases MV featuring SNSD YoonA

Some of you were interested in a new group called 24/7. They're a new project group by SM Entertainment. The 3 Members are: former TRAX member Noh…

   Tuesday, March 3, 2009   10,768   54,589   0