Another all-kill for Taeyeon!

It looks like Taeyeon's crushing the charts again!On February 3rd (KST) it was reported that Taeyeon's song "Rain" achieved an all-kill on t…

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What is Seungri up to these days?

Guess what Big Bang's Seungri is up to these days?On December 15 the cast of JTBC's 'Mari & I,' including iKON's Kim Jin Hwan and B.I went on…

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Zico warns that 'Eureka' is extremely sexy

In his latest exclusive broadcasting on Naver 'V', rapper Zico talked about his latest drop "Eureka" as well as his reason for not working with Park K…

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EXO-Ls, are you ready to discover more of EXO?

We've been waiting day and night for this moment ever since Naver's 'V' app officially launched! Despite being one of the most wanted idol groups in t…

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When will Girl's Day make their comeback?

Yura talked about Girl's Day's upcoming comeback during her latest individual broadcast on Naver's 'V' titled, 'Let's Play Yura.'On the November 24 li…

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Taeyeon is all tears in her latest airing on 'V'

On October 30, Taeyeon aired her exclusive episode of 'Taeyeon's Special Day' via Naver 'V' where she was seen holding an solo concert at COEX Atrium'…

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Sunggyu talks about the time he passed out in London

The strenuous schedules that K-pop idols are pressured to sustain through is no joke.Over the years, numerous idols have revealed that their bodies li…

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