Kim So Eun Gets Sued

Despite initially stating that there were no issues with Kim So Eun's withdrawal from 4th Period Murder Mystery movie in June, the production company,…

   Wednesday, September 23, 2009   5,464   0   0


Man killed because he didn't know Nobody

We all know that the hit song, Nobody by the Wonder Girls is a global phenomenon. But no one would have expected this. A man in the Philippines was ap…

   Sunday, September 6, 2009   8,053   49,891   0


Jang Geun Suk, a Murderer?!

Jang Geun Suk had been casted for Hong Gi Seon's upcoming movie, Itaewon Murder Case. The movie has been in filming and production since May. The mov…

   Sunday, August 2, 2009   3,558   0   0


Kim So Eun drops Fourth Period Murder Mystery

Kim So Eun seems to be following the lead of fellow Boys Before Flowers alumni, Kim Bum, as it was announced today that she was dropping out of the mo…

   Tuesday, June 30, 2009   13,121   63,689   0


Jang Ja Yun's Manager Speaks Out

Recently deceased Boys Over Flowers actress Jang Ja Yun past and possible reasons for her suicide are beginning to surface. First it was reported tha…

   Friday, March 13, 2009   8,553   48,589   0