Check out the sexy version of Tzuyu's LG U+ CF!

We already saw the cute version of Tzuyu's LG U+ CF, but check out the sizzling hot sexy version!Tzuyu busts out her sexy moves in an elevator for thi…

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TWICE and Yoo Ah In are full of charm for LG U+

LG U+ has dropped two new CFs that show they chose the impeccable models to grab attention for their product!One CF is dramatic with Yoo Ah In being c…

alim17   Friday, December 18, 2015   62,597   19,479   71
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Gilgun wishes Kim Tae Woo happiness in his life

After the public spat between Gilgun and her former label Soul Shop Entertainment, Gilgun revealed in her recent interview with TV Report that she jus…

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