• Epik High's 'Now Playing' concert posters hilariously parody popular movies

    May 22, 2015 @ 5:49 am

    Only Epik High would be capable of staging the most unique type of concert series ever. The popular group have announced their Seoul concert for this summer, and they've also released the best parody posters we have ever seen. But this concert series is not your typical concert series. They're giving fans the choice of six various themed concerts! On May 22, YG Entertainment announced, "Epik High will have their concert at Mary Hall fro

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  • G-Dragon and Daesung talk about when they feel (or don't feel) like 'losers' on 'Happy Together'

    May 22, 2015 @ 2:25 am

    The personal lyrics of Big Bang's title track "Loser" is all about, well, feeling like a loser. But have the Big Bang members ever felt like losers?As you might already know, Big Bang guested on the May 21 episode of KBS' 'Happy Together 3' and when Yoo Jae Suk asked if the members ever thought of themselves as a loser, G-Dragon got deep and personal, and Daesung proved he was still a top variety-dol!G-Dragon said, "When we appear in front of the

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  • BoA and Sunggyu rank 6th and 8th on Billboard's World Albums Chart

    May 22, 2015 @ 1:10 am

    A huge congratulations to BoA and INFINITE's Sunggyu as their newest albums have ranked in the top 10 on Billboard's 'World Albums' Chart for the latest weekly ranking!BoA's 8th album 'Kiss My Lips' is ranked 6th and Sunggyu's solo album '27' is ranked 8th! The two of them proved that they don't need to release an album as an idol group in order to find success!Congratulations again to BoA and Sunggyu!  

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  • B.A.P's Zelo releases a special track for fans

    May 22, 2015 @ 1:10 am

    For the many fans patiently waiting, B.A.P Zelo has released the special song he promised!Zelo uploaded the track he made on his Soundcloud account 'Zelo96', and although it doesn't have a title, as the name is 'No-Title', it sounds pretty fantastic! The song perfectly showcases Zelo's rap skills that we've been missing, and is one that'll leave you wondering just when B.A.P may return to the stage again! Zelo had previously announced on his Twit

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  • 2AM's Seulong insists 'Tell Me' in second solo MV featuring young actress Kim Yoo Jung

    May 21, 2015 @ 11:59 pm

    2AM's Seulong has now dropped his solo MV for the song "Tell Me" featuring teen actress Kim Yoo Jung!The MV is very interesting with a warping of the screen for a dreamy, bordering on psychedelic, effect.  There's also an interesting juxtaposition of sweet and creepy in which Kim Yoo Jung looks radiant and angelic with a cute smile at times, but later gets chased by creepy stalker(?) Seulong in a dream. The song itself is pretty relaxing wi

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  • KARA continue to build up anticipation for their grand comeback with 'Cupid' MV trailer!

    May 21, 2015 @ 11:19 pm

    KARA are back today with another teaser! We've seen the individual clips and heard the album preview, and now following up today is the group comeback trailer! The trailer seems to be just a mash up of the individual teasers we've seen, but with some bonus scenes! We haven't been given a peek yet at what the choreography or the stage outfits will look like, but we only have to wait a few more days until the release to find out! Bef

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  • UNIQ are in 'Luv Again', letting loose with their youthful charms in follow-up MV!

    May 21, 2015 @ 11:07 pm

    UNIQ are continuing to stir our hearts with with the MV for the song "LUV AGAIN"!As mentioned previously, the video was filmed in the beautiful county of Thailand, and the boys take on a completely different vibe than their previous title track through this song. Rather than that powerful bad boy charm, the boys let loose, hanging out at the beach and having fun like other guys their age.  Check it out above!

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  • B2ST's Yoseob and Junhyung to release OST in support of Doojoon's drama 'Let's Eat 2'

    May 21, 2015 @ 9:53 pm

    B2ST members are continuing to show the love by supporting fellow member Doojoon and his tvN drama 'Let's Eat 2'!Yoseob not only had a cameo in the drama, it turns out he has also lent his beautiful voice with the OST "Why Don't You Know" co-composed by Junhyung and composer Kim Tae Joo.The song "Why Don't You Know" first appeared in a scene in the May 19 episode, and the song will be officially released on June 2!Doojoon showed hi

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  • Park Hyo Shin fined $4,600 for evading seizure of assets amidst dispute with former agency

    May 21, 2015 @ 9:21 pm

    It has recently reported that the singer Park Hyo Shin has been fined for trying to evade the forced seizure of his assets to pay back his former agency as compensation for the damages that he caused.According to the reports released on May 21, Park Hyo Shin was ordered to pay a fine of 5,000,000 KRW (~$4,600 USD) for trying to evade the debt he owed his former agency.For background info, in June of 2012, Park Hyo Shin was ordered

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  • Park Bo Ram's nickname used to be 'apple atop a refrigerator'?

    May 21, 2015 @ 8:48 pm

    Solo artist Park Bo Ram appeared on 'Cultwo Show' on May 21 and talked about her blossoming appearance.Kim Tae Kyun brought up her past track, "Beautiful," which is literally translated to "I Got Prettier," saying, "You promoted with the song 'Beautiful.'  Do you hear often in real life that you got prettier?  How much weight did you lose?"She replied shyly with the answer everybody knew at this point: 30 kg (~ 66 lbs).  Jung Chan

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