KARA's Gyuri reveals her psychic powers

KARA's Gyuri probably won't be getting a crystal ball anytime soon, but she did reveal recently that she thinks she might have psychic powers. …

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Gyuri can finish two whole pizzas by herself?

Gyuri revealed that she has quite an appetite! Although she probably has to watch what she eats a little more so now that she is an idol, she did…

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How do girl groups maintain their figures?

Ever wanted to know how girl groups maintain their figures? Well, you're in luck - some of their trainers have revealed some secrets on how the fe…

   Sunday, March 17, 2013   184,631   11   7


Rainbow see KARA as their destined rivals

Rainbow, who finally made their long-awaited comeback with "Tell Me Tell Me", opened up about returning to the K-pop scene after almost two years.…

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KARA's Hara spotted inside a textbook?

Fans usually get to see KARA's Hara modeling for various brands and magazines, so they were in for a surprise when they spotted her in a textbook.…

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