SNSD's Jessica tossed around by her members?

We all know and love SNSD / Girls' Generation and all its members but is there more to them than meets the eye? SNSD's blondie Jessica looks like a li…

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Special Features

Who is Korea's top blonde bombshell?

Despite the blonde trend that has exponentially risen these past few months, today's top celebrities, even a certain Heartbreaker and Legal Blonde, ca…

   Thursday, November 26, 2009   10,161   0   0


Who do Korean boys all want to date?

According to Monkey3, SNSD's Jessica won first place for, "Female celebrity you would most want to have a date with on Korea's first snowfall of the y…

   Thursday, November 19, 2009   11,367   0   1


SNSD volunteers at Starbucks!

Looks like the girls of SNSD decided to warm up Korea with their charm and... coffee? On November 19th, members Seohyun, Jessica, Tiffany, Sooyoung, …

   Thursday, November 19, 2009   4,566   0   0


Jessica says sorry to Taeyeon

SNSD's Jessica was a guest on the 17th November episode of Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) where she officially apologized to Taeyeon. She said, "When …

   Wednesday, November 18, 2009   8,809   64,390   0


Most popular celebrity siblings

Korean portal site monkey3 recently ran a poll asking: Which is your Favorite Celebrity Siblings? The placing is as follows: SNSD / Girls' Generation…

   Saturday, November 14, 2009   5,476   14   0


SNSD's Jessica is dancing to Gee with who?

On today's episode of KBS Champagne, SS501 and the cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical came on and shared many laughs. During one part of the show, …

   Sunday, November 8, 2009   2,110   0   0


Kim Hyun Joong is a huge fan of Kim Yuna

SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong aka Jihoo sunbae admitted on the recording SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense Competition that he is a big fan of figure skater Kim Y…

   Friday, November 6, 2009   4,042   53,889   0


f(x) backstage video at 2009 Dream Concert

Remember the photo which Sulli of f(x) posted on her Me2Day not too long ago, showing SM Family love, backstage at the recent 2009 Dream Concert? Well…

   Wednesday, October 21, 2009   2,308   0   0


SNSD's Jessica Gets A Surprise Hug From A Fan

As you all know, SNSD proved that they are famous among Asia, as they caused chaos in Vietnam. But it seems like there was more chaos for SNSD! SNSD …

   Monday, October 19, 2009   9,628   0   0


SNSD's Jessica Groped Again?!

What's better than one girl group? Two girl groups of course. And what's better than two girl groups? Two girl groups that are very "friendly" with e…

   Saturday, October 3, 2009   9,996   49,089   0


SNSD Everywhere This Chuseok Weekend

The ever popular 9 member girl group, SNSD will be appearing on all 3 major tv channels, MBC, KBS2TV and SBS this Chuseok weekend in Korea. Starting …

   Tuesday, September 29, 2009   4,901   0   0