Eddy Kim sings 'It's Over' live at a train stop

Solo artist Eddy Kim put on a live performance of "It's Over" at a train stop. "It's Over" is the last track on his debut mini-album 'The Manual', wh…

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Is Lee Hi on a porridge diet?

Lee Hi was spotted enjoying a bowl of pumpkin porridge on the music video set of "It's Over." On March 22nd, YG Entertainment tweeted the above…

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Music Releases

Lee Hi's making of "It's Over" MV!

Lee Hi's making of the "It's Over" music video is out! After sweeping music charts once again with her latest release, the singer is taking her…

   Tuesday, March 12, 2013   22,248   0   0

Music Releases

SPEED releases teaser for "Pain"

SPEED released a teaser for their follow up track, "Pain"! The song is produced by Brave Brothers, and the boys have taken on a much stronger i…

   Monday, February 18, 2013   13,234   0   0