SBS Intimate Note to be cancelled

SBS variety program Intimate Note has provided fans with entertainment for three long seasons but it's been reported that the show will now be getting…

   Thursday, May 13, 2010   10,410   0   0


Jo Kwon slept with Sunye at a train station

On a recent episode of Intimate Note 3, best friends Kim Jong Kook and Hong Kyung Min invited 2AM members, Jo Kwon and Seulong in an attempt to get cl…

   Saturday, March 27, 2010   10,514   49,189   0


Lee Young Ja surprised at Kara's success

On the latest episode of SBS's Intimate Note, actress and comedian Lee Young Ja made a guest appearance on the show along with radio DJ Hong Jin Kyung…

   Saturday, March 20, 2010   7,185   0   0
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g.o.d ignored 2AM's Seulong?

2AM is currently on a roll with their new song, Even If I Die, I Won't Let You Go. Member Seulong recently told a story about him meeting legendary id…

   Saturday, February 6, 2010   2,278   0   0


KARA's Gyuri chooses between H.O.T and g.o.d

On the January 22nd episode of Intimate Note, there was a segment where stars confessed who their idols were during their childhood. Kara's Gyuri s…

   Sunday, January 24, 2010   3,132   0   0


SS501 and Kara doing each other's dances

Last week we showed a preview that SS501 was going to do Kara's famous butt dance on the December 11th edition of Intimate Note. The full episode aire…

   Monday, December 14, 2009   2,566   0   0


Kara's Park Gyuri plans to make it big

On the December 11th episode of SBS Intimate Note, Kara's sexy leader Park Gyuri revealed her future goals and ambitions as she showed a very bold sid…

   Saturday, December 12, 2009   2,536   0   0


SS501 doing Kara's Butt Dance?

Earlier today, a preview teaser of December 11th's Intimate Note was released. The preview showed that the guests will be the DSP Entertainment groups…

   Friday, December 4, 2009   2,153   0   0


Eun Ji Won Drops Come To Play

Known for acting like an elementary school kid, singer/rapper/ex-Sechs Kies member, Eun Ji Won, has decided to drop out of MBC's "Come To Play", where…

   Tuesday, September 22, 2009   2,024   0   0


G.O.D. was supposed to disband?

Kim Tae Woo, who is currently promoting his T-Virus album, revealed on SBS Intimate Note, that old school group G.O.D. was supposed to disband after t…

   Thursday, September 10, 2009   2,499   0   0


Jang Young Ran leaves JunJin Dumbfounded

On a recent episode of Intimate Note, JunJin was dumbfounded when he was asked about Lee Si Young. As everyone is aware, ShinHwa's episode of Intimat…

   Sunday, September 6, 2009   3,683   51,689   0


Lee Min Woo confessed his love for Chae Yeon?

Lee Minwoo, a member of the legendary group Shinhwa, confessed recently that he once had feelings for Chae Yeon in the past! If there are any fan girl…

   Friday, September 4, 2009   3,530   0   0


Where was SNSD's Tiffany?

SNSD / Girls' Generation member Tiffany was missing on the most recent airing of SBS Intimate Note and inquiring / curious netizens wondered why she m…

   Saturday, August 29, 2009   5,106   0   0


SNSD Gets into a Heated Battle!

The SNSD episode of SBS Intimate Note just aired! For those of you who aren't familiar with Intimate Note, just imagine a show where you get to see no…

   Friday, August 28, 2009   2,965   0   0


Lee Haneul cries for DJ DOC

On Intimate Note's broadcast on the 13th, group DJ Doc, consisting of members Kim Changryul, Lee Haneul and Jung Jaeyong, shared a round of drinks wit…

   Sunday, June 14, 2009   2,054   47,989   0


Super Junior's Beauty Pageant Draws Laughter

As reported earlier, Super Junior members (not all of them, Shindong especially) were on a recent episode of SBS Intimate Note where they hope to turn…

   Saturday, April 25, 2009   3,160   0   0