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Dumbfoundead drops "Respect 16's"

Last week we reported that Los Angeles Koreatown underground rapper Jonathan Park aka Dumbfoundead was dropping a new track titled 'Respect 16s' a…

   Tuesday, October 26, 2010   6,868   52,089   0
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Special Features

Yoon Mi Rae for Cosmo

Yoon Mi Rae aka Baby-T / Tasha posed recently for Cosmopolitan Magazine. If you don't know much about her, below is some background information. Yoo…

   Thursday, October 1, 2009   9,223   0   0


Yoon Mi Rae says "Back off from the Tiger!"

Well, Yoon Mi Rae aka Tasha / Baby-T said "to back off" in a nice way. Yoon Mi Rae, singer and wife of the hip-hop sensation Tiger JK / Drunken Tiger …

   Thursday, September 24, 2009   3,275   0   0

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New Drunken Tiger Music Video!

Most parents have sweet home videos of you. Usually a less than decent quality of you doing something very embarrassing. But has your father ever dedi…

   Saturday, September 5, 2009   1,414   0   0

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What's the best song for couples?

Top hip-hop couple Tiger JK (Drunken Tiger) and Yoon Mi Rae's (Tasha / Baby T), "True Romance," has been voted the best couple song from a survey of 4…

   Thursday, September 3, 2009   6,991   0   0

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The Top 10 Hottest KPOP Albums in 2009

This is for all the diehard KPOP fans out there. Wonder what the top 10 selling albums for 2009 (as of today) are? Well, look no further, I have the …

   Thursday, September 3, 2009   4,564   0   0


Tiger JK's English interview

Korean hip hop artist, and arguably the best Korean rapper ever, Tiger JK (a.k.a. Drunken Tiger) did an almost 30 minute all English interview on Arir…

   Sunday, August 16, 2009   3,891   0   0

Music Releases

Drunken Tiger's MONSTROUS Comeback

Just a normal day at SBS Inkigayo: 2NE1 winning, some cute performances, and... oh yeah, DRUNKEN TIGER. SBS treated a K-music legend with proper resp…

   Sunday, August 2, 2009   968   0   0

Music Releases

Drunken Tiger is back

After two long years, Tiger JK is back! Drunken Tiger (minus DJ Shine) will be making a come back with the eighth album, "Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wo…

   Wednesday, June 24, 2009   2,499   0   0