• Soo Hyun gets ready for 'Marco Polo's second season + says Robert Downey Jr. teared up because of Korean fans

    April 23, 2015 @ 3:19 pm

    Actress Soo Hyun (Claudia Kim) is one of the hottest stars in South Korea at the moment, especially as she's an up-and-rising Hallyu star from 'Avengers 2' and the Netflix series 'Marco Polo.'  She next appeared on SBS radio program, 'Cultwo Show,' on April 23 for a nice tete-a-tete with the DJs and listeners.The DJs asked her about her upcoming plans to which she said, "I'll be returning to the mid second season filming for 'Marco Polo.'  I thin

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  • Dongwoon updates on B2ST members + promises group comeback after Hyunseung's solo

    April 21, 2015 @ 1:33 pm

    Dongwoon appeared on the April 21 airing of SBS radio program, 'Cultwo Show,' to give an update on what he and his fellow B2ST members have been doing.He said, "I am studying up on how to invest in buildings.  I want to manage a guesthouse later on and am imagining a cafe on the first floor and my family's quarters on the topmost floor.  I think Yeonhui-dong is hot these days," and talked about trending places, showing he's done his research.  He

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  • Veteran singer Lee Eun Mi reveals she received a handwritten letter from rapper Outsider

    April 17, 2015 @ 10:01 am

    Singer Lee Eun Mi revealed how she came to collaborate with rapper Outsider on the April 16th broadcast of SBS PowerFM's 'Cultwo Show.' When asked about how she first started collaborating with the rapper, the veteran singer explained, "Outsider sent me a handwritten letter first. He wrote very sincerely that he wanted to [collaborate] with me. The content was cringeworthy. When I read that letter, it made me out to be like a world renowned

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  • EXO talk about their birthday celebrations and choreography

    April 13, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

    EXO appeared on SBS radio program 'Cultwo Show' on April 13 and talked about celebrating (or not really celebrating) one another's birthdays and the sexy choreography for "Call Me Baby."Sehun said, "Yesterday was my birthday.  I received a lot of happy birthdays.  I was happy. There was a fan signing event yesterday.  I had a fun time with fans.  I gave out presents to the fans who came to the music show starting from early in

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  • Red Velvet give their thoughts on their first win ever once again

    April 9, 2015 @ 5:42 pm

    Red Velvet appeared on the April 9 broadcast of SBS radio program 'Cultwo Show' and talked about their very first win since debut with "Ice Cream Cake" once more.  Undoubtedly, the moment is still in their minds because it was such a big milestone in their careers.Irene said, "I was happy because it was an album for which we diligently prepared," but then added, "When we first won first place, my mind blanked."When someone said, "I heard you were

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  • Hongki says he stopped drinking for 'Pray' promotions

    April 3, 2015 @ 1:25 pm

    F.T Island appeared on 'Cultwo Show' recently and talked about how hard it's been promoting "Pray," even though it was also totally worth it. Powerful vocalist Hongki, known for his blunt and frank personality, stated, "The time for music shows has gone a lot faster these days.  In the case with 'Inkigayo,' when we made our comeback, we prepared since three in the morning and recorded at five.  I just didn't sleep at all and loosened my voice.  T

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  • Hong Jin Young says no to hairy guys and yes to Thailand

    April 3, 2015 @ 12:15 pm

    Hong Jin Young talked ideal type and ideal country in her latest appearance on SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show.' On the April 3 broadcast of the show, when asked if she liked men with a lot of hair, Hong Jin Young replied, "I'm not fixated on hair. I would actually prefer it if [a guy] didn't have that much hair." Sounds like she would not be into the "lumbersexual" trend that's been happening in the States (it's real, look it up!). The DJs asked he

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  • Hong Jin Young recounts how her fans make her cry

    April 3, 2015 @ 10:09 am

    Hong Jin Young shared a touching story about her fans, who seem to have been there for her in rough times.On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show', the singer featured as a guest along with actor Shin Hyung Tak. When she was asked if she received any special gifts from her fans, Hong Jin Young shared, "When fans give me a gift, they give me letters too. They always give me handwritten letters, and it makes me tear up."She went o

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  • Hongki says that F.T. Island questioned their musical identities

    April 3, 2015 @ 4:54 am

    On the April 2nd broadcast of SBS PowerFM's 'CulTwo Show', F.T. Island's Hongki revealed that he struggled to find his musical identity while promoting in both Japan and in Korea. While in Japan, Hongki and F.T. Island were recognized as a full-fledged band, who composed their own songs, and in Korea, Hongki revealed that they were just considered pretty faces who play instruments.He said, "I had trouble with my musical identity. When we would pr

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  • Minah trolls her older sister by claiming to be prettier

    March 19, 2015 @ 1:31 pm

    On the March 19 broadcast of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show,' Minah talked about her close relationship with her older sister and how she frequently trolls her on the subject of prettiness.   When prompted with the comment, "We heard that your sister is extremely pretty," Minah replied, "My sister and I like to joke around so we call each other ugly." She added as a troll joke, "I'm prettier than my sister," causing the set to laugh at her bold jab

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