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  • Tablo reveals he was passed over for a feature by Yoo Hee Yeol in favor of Dynamic Duo

    November 20, 2014 @ 2:47 pm

    On the November 20 recording of 'Tablo's Dreaming Radio,' Epik High's Tablo revealed a hilarious story behind Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy)'s recently released 7th album, 'Da Capo.'On this day, Tablo's guest was Kim Ye Rim who featured in Yoo Hee Yeol's album along with various other prominent vocalists and rappers. After listening to "Pianissimo," the song she featured in, Tablo revealed that he was also asked to participate in the album but then was passe

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  • Suhyun reveals her thoughts on working with Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) for 'Da Capo'

    November 14, 2014 @ 3:47 pm

    On November 14, during a media interview with new YG sub-unit HI SUHYUN, Suhyun revealed her thoughts on working with Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) for his 7th album, 'Da Capo,' and expressed her joy even though she had to work under a completely new environment. Suhyun said, "I heard that it's not common for YG artists to work with artists from other companies. In terms of musicality, senior Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo Hee Yeol, and Lee Juk are our (Akdong Musicia

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  • Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) reveals how he came to work with Akdong Musician's Suhyun

    November 13, 2014 @ 3:49 pm

    Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) talked about how he he came to work with Akdong Musician's Suhyun for his 7th album, 'Da Capo,' during a music listening event held on November 13th at M Concert Hall in Seoul. Yoo Hee Yeol revealed, "Akdong Musician's Suhyun sang this song and she is the youngest out of everyone I've worked with. When I first made the song, it was at a time when I was reading a Japanese Manga and the story relates to the song as it's about a l

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  • Yoo Yun Suk to make a cameo in Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy)'s MV

    November 13, 2014 @ 1:02 am

    Rising actor Yoo Yun Suk will make a cameo in Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy)'s "Three People" MV! According to Antenna Music on the 13th, Yoo Yun Suk, former 'Miss Korea' and actress Kim Yu Mi, and a rookie male actor recently wrapped up filming a love triangle for the MV. As mentioned previously, Yoo Hee Yeol and Sung Si Kyung also collaborated for this song.Yoo Hee Yeol's one-man band Toy will release 7th full-length album 'D

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  • Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) unveils full album tracklist feat. Akdong Musician's Suhyun, Sung Si Kyung, and more

    November 12, 2014 @ 1:01 am

    Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) unveiled the full star-studded lineup for his one-man band's upcoming 7th full-length album 'Da Capo'!'Da Capo' will be released online and offline on the 18th, but until then, get a preview of the song titles and featuring artists to come with the full list below.Tracklist:1. Nobody Knows (Inst.)2. Reset (feat. Lee Juk)3. Goodbye sun,Goodbye moon (feat. Akdong Musician's Suhyun)4. Three People (feat. Sung Si Kyung)5. Drifting

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  • Yoo Hee Yeol (Toy) releases album jacket and title of his 7th album

    November 10, 2014 @ 8:37 pm

    The album title as well as the album jacket for Yoo Hee Yeol's (Toy) one-man project have been released.The title of his 7th album was chosen as 'Da Capo' which is a musical term meaning to repeat or go back to the beginning. As previously reported, the album will be bringing refreshing sounds and music to the public with the help of featurings from vocalists as well as hip-hop artists such as Dynamic Duo, Sung Si Kyung, Crush, Zion.T, Kim Y

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  • Emma Watson and Leonardo DiCaprio snap photos with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon

    September 24, 2014 @ 11:55 am

    Two Hollywood actors commemorated their recent visit to the United Nations (U.N.) by taking pictures with the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. While Emma Watson posed with the Secretary-General on September 21 after speaking about her new 'He for She' campaign, Leonardo DiCaprio took the picture just yesterday after speaking about his long-established 'Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation'.On September 24, Vogue shared the picture above on Instagram o

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  • Raina tears up on 'Crisis Escape Number One' after a video from her mother

    September 1, 2014 @ 8:56 pm

    Orange Caramel's Raina teared up after a video message from her mother!She was a guest on KBS 2TV's 'Crisis Escape Number 1', and the show had a special surprise for Raina! The show had gotten a large package and a video message for Raina from her mother. Her mother said, "I'm sending you the Chuseok food that you like, so enjoy them. You're always sick because you don't eat healthy, and I'm sorry that I can't take care of you. You're doing so we

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  • Block B reveals Jaehyo uses his cell phone as much as he breathes

    September 1, 2014 @ 2:11 pm

    Jaehyo revealed that he uses his cell phone the most in Block B!The boys of Block B were guests on 'Crisis Escape Number 1' to show how to fix a cell phone that had been dropped in water. The boys tried out various methods and found out that the best method was to put the phone in a rice cooker along with newspaper and warm it, and were surprised to see that the phone actually turned on again. Before the boys tried out the methods, the staf

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  • SECRET'S Ji Eun once again picks Kim Soo Hyun as her ideal man

    August 11, 2014 @ 8:38 pm

    SECRET's Ji Eun appeared on KBS 2TV's 'Escape Crisis No. 1' as a guest and caught ears of the audience from the get go as she mentioned her ideal man during the opening segment.During the opening, Kim Jong Kook asked, "Who's your ideal type?" Song Ji Eun stated, "Kim Soo Hyun.  For a while now, when I see Kim Soo Hyun, I see ambition in his eyes.  That's why I like him." As fans may already know, Ji Eun previously mentioned Kim Soo

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