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4minute talk about the downsides of idol life

Everyone knows the idol life isn't exactly the most glamorous, no matter what it seems like. Idols have to deal with haters and harsh schedules every …

jennywill   Wednesday, May 29, 2013   43,403   8   39


HyunA thinks she sounds like a woodpecker?

Although fan boys can't find a single flaw in HyunA, the sexy idol revealed she has complexes that others may not notice right off the bat.  …

pkdance   Wednesday, May 29, 2013   26,899   250   51


How much drinking tolerance does HyunA have?

HyunA may look like she can handle alcohol, but she confessed that she's actually got a low tolerance. The 4minute girls were guests on…

jennywill   Wednesday, May 29, 2013   38,812   191   17