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SHU-I Finally Drops the Bomb Bomb Bomb

Finally some testosterone! Newbie kpop quintet SHU-I has finally released their full MV for their debut single "Bomb Bomb Bomb." The boys are rocking …

   Sunday, September 27, 2009   2,213   0   0

Music Releases

SHU-I Debuts on Music Bank

Having released their first single last week, the newest boy group on the block, SHU-I makes their television debut, with their performance of their t…

   Friday, September 18, 2009   1,898   0   0

Music Releases

SHU-I Drops the Bomb Bomb Bomb!

Just a few days ago, we introduced you guys to the brand new boy group, SHU-I. If news about this brand new quintet didn't quite strike your fancy, th…

   Thursday, September 10, 2009   2,521   0   0