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[Album Review] Lee Hyori 'Monochrome'

Lee Hyori, in my opinion, is the epitome of the face-before-talent K-Pop idol. Her general lack of noteworthy musicality subsequently deprives her of …

eumag   Monday, June 3, 2013   21,018   6   39

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[Review] EXO 'XOXO'

Calling "Wolf" controversial would be an understatement. When the demo leaked back in February, netizens' responses ranged from outright hatred to cla…

contagion   Monday, June 3, 2013   55,189   77   240
heart seoul
kpop university
bow wowowow
straight outta tokyo


[Review] f(x) 'Electric Shock'

The best thing about f(x) is that they're SM Entertainment's experimental girl group. They're not the most advertised out of SM's superstar roster, …

   Thursday, June 14, 2012   58,326   63,990   0

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[Review] B.A.P 'Power'

A lot of new groups have debuted this year, but none has stood out quite like TS Entertainment's B.A.P. With their powerful presence, aggressive p…

   Monday, May 7, 2012   45,537   0   0

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[Review] EXO 'Mama'

There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said about EXO. Its sheer size is much like Super Junior's, the members' pretty boy look is much …

   Tuesday, April 17, 2012   67,487   1   0

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[Review] Nell 'Slip Away'

Four years ago, indie-rock band, Nell, was pretty consistent about timely album releases; an album would be released approximately every 2 years. …

   Tuesday, April 10, 2012   19,746   0   0


[Review] SHINee 'Sherlock'

Everyone's favorite pastel covered princes of K-Pop are back, but really, with Minho's seductive whispering driving fangirls and fanboys mad, SHIN…

   Wednesday, March 21, 2012   86,188   5   0

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[Review] IU - 'Last Fantasy'

Not to state the obvious, but there's something absolutely charming about IU. She's down-to-earth, awkwardly quirky, and has this half-chuckle, ha…

   Tuesday, December 13, 2011   43,482   0   0