• Hwanhee talks about dating in secret and whether he'd go public with a relationship

    September 3, 2014 @ 5:14 pm

    Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee took his intelligence to the test on KBS's '1 Vs. 100' while also addressing various topics asked on the show.During one portion, he talked about dating as an idol, saying, "These days, junior idols get to more freely date in public unlike the time when [I was an idol].  At the time, if you dated in a public manner, it would be a very big issue.  That's why I dated without the agency knowing.Even if I were dating, if I ha

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  • AOA's Mina and Girl's Day's Minah reveal it was difficult for them to be sexy

    July 14, 2014 @ 3:21 pm

    Both AOA's Mina and Girl's Day's Minah talked about the sexy concept through guest appearances on their respective broadcasting programs on July 14.AOA's Mina appeared on SBS's radio show 'Kim Chang Ryul's Old School' where she received a question from a listener: "Isn't it hard to pull off a sexy concept when you look cute?"She replied, "It's really hard.  I work crazy hard to the point I think I am too sexy now and try to make myself like that,

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  • Jay Park releases '0 to 100' remix on Sound Cloud

    July 10, 2014 @ 12:47 pm

    Jay Park uploaded a remix he created onto Sound Cloud through his agency AOMG's official account!The remix, "0 to 100," has a laid-back tone but catchy beat as Jay Park raps with ease, although listeners should be warned there is a good amount of cursing (NSFW). If that's not going to stop you, check out his remix below--it will get your head nodding and feet tapping!

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  • SISTAR's Soyu talks about living alone

    June 25, 2014 @ 8:00 am

    SISTAR's Soyu talked about living alone while appearing as a guest on KBS 2TV's '1 Vs. 100' on June 24.She addressed the fact that she recently moved into her own apartment, "When I was young, my dream was to live by myself." Soyu was also asked about the advantages of living alone, and she answered,  "As a child, I had severe insomnia." She then explained how she started to be more and more busy with her personal schedule rather than group,

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  • SISTAR's Soyu shares how she keeps in shape

    June 25, 2014 @ 3:01 am

    SISTAR's Soyu revealed how she's been keeping in shape since her debut on the June 24th episode of KBS2's '1 vs 100'.As the first contestant up, Soyu answered a question from gymnast Shin Soo Ji, who asked, "Soyu's frame is pretty, and her body is toned. I'm curious if there's an exercise that you consistently do."Soyu answered, "When I was younger, I was really skinny, but when I began living dorm life, my eating habits changed and I started to

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  • Soyu predicts which SISTAR members will marry first + reveals whom she wants a duet with next

    June 24, 2014 @ 5:33 pm

    On the June 24 edition of KBS 2TV's '1 Vs. 100,' Soyu revealed her predictions on which SISTAR members would be the first to marry.She said, "Among the SISTAR members, I think the maknae, Dasom, will be the first to marry.  I think she'll go first without knowing much.  Bora also said she wanted to get married quickly.  Hyorin and I have a lot of career ambitions, but in the end, I think I'll be the last to go," and laughed.In relation to her ide

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  • ALi says it's 'Gotta Be You' in beautiful 2NE1 cover

    June 19, 2014 @ 5:07 pm

    For this week's episode of Mnet's singing survival program '100 Second War,' talented soloist ALi took on a beautiful cover of 2NE1's "Gotta Be You."  In this program, the identity of the singer is hidden for the first 100 seconds after which her face is unveiled and she gets to finish the performance.Although it was a cover, she made the song her own by slowing down the tempo and focusing more on the heartfelt emotions portrayed through the lyri

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  • B1A4's Baro chooses B2ST's Doojoon as his rival in soccer

    June 17, 2014 @ 6:31 pm

    KBS 2TV's '1 Vs. 100' aired a new episode on June 17 with celebrity appearance by B1A4's Baro!MC Han Suk Joon asked him who his rival in soccer was, so Baro replied, "Doojoon, who is rumored to have the best soccer skills among the idols.  The celebrity soccer team that Doojoon is in scouted me.  They're currently reorganizing the team, so I'll join afterwards."He also revealed his nickname at school was Cha Du Ri, a well known South Korean socce

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  • SPICA's Bohyung fulfills her bikini promise for '100 Seconds War'

    June 12, 2014 @ 2:02 am

    SPICA's Bohyung fulfilled her promise of walking the streets in a bikini after winning on the latest episode of Mnet's new competitive singing program '100 Seconds War'!Mnet tweeted on the 11th, "'100 Seconds War's second winner #SPICA #Bohyung kept her confident bikini promise at Cheonggyecheon Square! #SPICA", along with the proof shots.  With her lean figure, Bohyung had no problem showing off her figure in a bikini top in front of the public

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  • BTOB's Eunkwang to appear on singing show '100 Seconds War'

    June 11, 2014 @ 5:12 pm

    According to multiple broadcasting reps, BTOB's talented singer Eunkwang took part in a recording of competitive singing program '100 Seconds War' at the CJ E&M Center on June 9.This will not be his first time impressing the crowd with his great singing abilities, as he previously stood on the stage for KBS 2TV's 'Immortal Song' on May 31.  You can see him once again and prepare to be amazed by his voice when the episode of '100 Seconds War' airs

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