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Kisum releases MV teaser for '2 Beer'

Rapper Kisum has released the teaser to her "2 Beer" music video! The imagery is very simple, a couple shots on the streets of Seoul and then Kisum w…

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MV Releases

Luna wants to 'Free Somebody' in new MV

f(x)'s Luna is looking mighty fine in the music video for her solo release "Free Somebody"! From the opening electronic piano, the song is an uplifti…

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MV Releases

U-KISS reveals MV teaser for 'Stalker'

The boys of U-KISS have released the MV teaser for "Stalker." Going along with the moody, dark concept we saw in the teaser images, the teaser video …

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MV Releases

FIESTAR releases MV for 'Apple Pie'

FIESTAR are sweeter than ever in their "Apple Pie" MV! The lovely ladies have returned with a new, girly concept, and at the end of the MV, we can se…

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