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Koreans on Twitter react to Trump's victory with humor and satire

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American citizens were not the only ones who are deeply interested and invested the 2016 U.S. presidential election. When it became clear that Donald J. Trump would be the next American president, many Koreans -- who are dealing with its own political chaos -- reacted on Twitter to express their concerns and shock, and some did so through humor and satire. Here are some of the best reactions from South Korea: 

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"We will pretend like we didn't see that, so elect again." 

"Swiss doctor: Why are you guys here? 

- "I am American."

- "I am Korean."  

Doctor: I get it." 

"What about President Obama? lol So unbelievable because for the last 8 years, he worked so hard against racism to change the world as the first black president, and it all became nothing when a white supremacist, racist person got elected..."

"As a citizen of a Shamanistic nation, we need to do this for the world..."

"In America, they are saying, will they have the first female president or the first crazy president....But in Korea, we have already accomplished both. The first crazy, female president..."

"Busan Daily News has gone mad lol" 

"Hey, if you're going to throw away Hillary like that, give her to us." 

"Got a message from my American friend: Sorry I mocked your country for being Shamanistic. We have just become a circus." 

"Let's forget that happened and let Obama continue" 

"Korean: Park Geun Hye would never get elected, no way, lol

British: Brexit would never happen, no way, lol

American: Trump would never get elected, no way, lol

Impossible is nothing." 

"I thought, of course, Hillary will win, but I had too much faith in humanity. I am sorry." 

"NASA: 'Earth might end in 7 years by getting hit with astroids.'

That's one good news." 

"Korean: Oh my god...Korea is ruined... Why is Korea like this? 

God: Haha, what a pitiful country. I will have mercy on you and...

Korea: Oh, will you save us? 

God: ...ruin the entire world." 

"It is difficult to live as a woman in her 20s in Korea --> It is difficult to live as an Asian woman in her 20s on the Earth." 

"Okay, lets elect my Taru as president. She is pretty and cute and soft and always sticks its tongue out. She isn't racist or sexist. She only eats once a week and poops with her butthole, in the corner or in the drinking cup. Tiny Taru for president!!" 

However, as this is also quite the serious issue, stay tuned for more grave concerns voiced by Koreans.




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    Beyou436 25 days ago

    "My relatives went and fought for people like you"

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    kpoplolipop 29 days ago

    Most people, about Trump becoming President, seem to be talking with absolute bias. I told my mother one thing  and it was simple "Trump is a businessman. He might actually do well as President." He has experience being a leader. It's not about the inappropriate remarks he has made in the past, it's about what actions he will make towards the improvement of the US. So people... Save your comments until after the 4 years because we haven't seen him do anything yet.

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    NDJOON94 kpoplolipop 28 days ago

    Hmm.. Business is different from politics. Doing business is that you are responsible for the company, employees and profits. And if you fail in doing business, you still can start a new one. But with politics especially the president, you are responsible for the whole world such as the countries, trading, stock markets, economy, Wars and Human Rights especially the minorities. If he make a single mistake or failed as a president, theres no turning back and you cant say "oops, my mistake and sorry." I'm not bias towards him but the fact i'm worried for the future and for the younger generations to come.

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    alltypes NDJOON94 28 days ago


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    lyricaldancer10 kpoplolipop 27 days ago

    Of you ignore the ones he has made in the past. What about ones while he was running. Do we have to ignore those too?

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    clarissaxd kpoplolipop 27 days ago

    he has no experience being a leader, he has experience being a boss. Im sorry but when you fuck up you got to own up to it he cant just say "your fired" and lets not forget that he didn't just say bad things in the past he said them during his elections and most likely he will say it in the future, my god putins already trying to slide in with america and trump isnt even president ywr...

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    DZico 29 days ago

    why do koreans think they can freely insult the president of another country , when they can't take someone insulting their own ? .. koreans are such hypocrites I lost my respect .

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    alicehalf DZico 29 days ago

    The whole world is insulting the president of USA if you don't understand that.

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