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Young woman commits suicide after boyfriend abandons her and their baby

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A university student in her 20's took her own life after she became pregnant and was abandoned by her ex-boyfriend. 

According to a Daum cafe post and other online sources, 24-year-old Hyun Sook, who was enrolled at a university, committed suicide following her ex's insensitive reaction to their unborn baby. When Hyun Sook informed him of her pregnancy, her then boyfriend allegedly told her, "Get an abortion. Why would you get pregnant like an idiot." Hyun Sook, shocked and hurt by the boyfriend's reaction, attempted suicide by swallowing pills but ended up miscarrying her baby. 

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Following the knowledge of Hyun Sook's pregnancy and her miscarriage, the boyfriend reportedly avoided Hyun Sook's attempts to reach out to him. Hyun Sook sought help by sticking posters in the women's bathroom of Sangmyung University, the school her ex attends, all to no avail. With all hope gone, Hyun Sook left a will for her father and younger brother and took her own life by jumping from her boyfriend's residence located on the tenth floor of an apartment complex. 

Though this particular case was ignored by the media, it is now gaining more attention thanks to Sangmyung University students' and Hyun Sook's families and friends' reporting the story to media outlet Insight. Hyun Sook's younger brother Jung In reportedly pleaded to Insight, "Please spread the story of my sister's unfair death far and wide so that something like this won't occur again." 

Hyun Sook's family are hoping that law enforcement officials will look further into this case. Meanwhile, netizens are of the opinion that the boyfriend should be punished for driving Hyun Sook to the point of suicide. 




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    Ashley_juarez Thursday, June 16, 2016

    People need to learn to suck up their mistakes and live on, even if no one is there for you keep going until the end of this pathetic game. I understand suicide, some people just can't take it and take another option. Just because they don't do what YOU WANT doesn't mean it's wrong. Bad things happen to good people and that will never change.

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    micahxo_lu Thursday, June 16, 2016

    A lot of you commentors are so insensitive. Do you know what sort of state of mind you have to be in to want to kill yourself?? You're not stupid for committing suicide, you're depressed and mentally and emotionally and maybe even physically I'll.. how can you expect someone to make a good decision when they're in such a state? And with the family and friends, you don't know how involved they were with her to try to prevent the suicide or support her emotionally or even if they completely ignored her, you don't know what part they played I mean... even the most loved and supported people commit suicide. The family and friends are grieving too, they don't need to be told that they should have done more I mean they're probably telling themselves that, but when people are grieving you don't tell them that it was partially their fault. The dude was a prick, you guys have no idea how emotionally frazzling it is to be a young woman who's pregnant and the father wants no part in it, he even wants to abort the child... especially in a society such as South Korea, that's damn near devastating. Just think about the situation of others before you go off judging them, see things through their POV, don't try to interpret their actions and decisions when you obviously have a healthy mentality and they don't.

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    bobbatea Thursday, June 16, 2016

    Okay I thought he did more, but that's pretty dumb to take your own life, just because he said " why would you get pregnant like an idiot? " it's not like he abused you, said he wanted nothing to do with you, wanted your dead or etc. He was just an asshole that made 1 comment. That's pretty dumb to take your own life because of one thing. Why are people that sensitive for no reason. I'm sorry that she passed and I'm sorry for the family, but come on, that's a stupid reason.

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