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'School 2017' drops two posters with the main characters

By jennywill   12 days ago   23,125   3,255   0



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'School 2017' has dropped the two main posters.

The posters feature the leads, including Kim Se Jung who will play the main character along with the other students, Han Joo Wan who plays the homeroom teacher, and Sunhwa, the school police.

Check out the posters above and below.

  1. Sunhwa
  2. Kim Se Jung
  3. Gugudan
  4. school 2017

RichieBlink 11 days ago

woaahh.. sunhwa also in this drama <3.. my heart cant take it.. sunhhwa and sejong.. call 911 please <3<3

ikindalovekpop 12 days ago

I thought Rowoon from SF9 was supposed to play one of the leading roles? Or was I just mistaken?

orange_sky ikindalovekpop 11 days ago

No unfortunately. It was just said he will join the cast but not as a lead.

sun3sun 12 days ago

So you don't mention the other two actors you dumb allkpop.

LovelySerenity 12 days ago

I smell another love triangle..Highschool 2015 feels

Hikari_ELF 12 days ago

I saw the preview, i'm not sure if it's the hairstyle or what but i couldn't recognize Se Jung in most of the shots.

jadedlyy 12 days ago

So ready to support Rowoon from SF9! <3

dmalpieri jadedlyy 11 days ago

Me too...hehe

Cutie888 12 days ago

The important question is "Is there gonna be romance?"...... if not then I might not watch it "-"

_CLeO Cutie888 12 days ago

The 'School' series doesn't really have romance as one of the key was only the last 'School' drama, 'School 2015' where they introduced romance I believe?

LovelySerenity Cutie888 12 days ago

There's bound to be romance judging from the teasers

crowboy Cutie888 12 days ago

I think this looks a bit different from the rest of the School Series, honestly. It looks like it will focus more on romance.

thefabcat92 _CLeO 12 days ago

school 2013 had bromance

Cutie888 thefabcat92 12 days ago

The bromance was the only reason I watched it

thefabcat92 Cutie888 12 days ago

true. they got famous for the bromance, lee jong suk and kim woo bin

_CLeO thefabcat92 11 days ago

That's not romance tho

thefabcat92 _CLeO 11 days ago

just another type of romance.

unni_bae 12 days ago

I know I'm gonna get hate for this... but, this cast has a bunch of rookie actors. I've loved the School series since the beginning, but I'm ready to be disappointed. I'll be shocked if this new cast pulls through. But if they do, then sorry for talking shit. -_-

mypcy unni_bae 12 days ago

I feel you. That is how I felt about School 2013 because of Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin as thy are relatively new actors at the time. Let's give these guys a chance, we never, they might wow us like 2013. But i'm not putting my hopes high though.

crowboy unni_bae 12 days ago

That's how I feel too. Also because it seems like this will be pretty light-hearted? idk I'm just not excited for this at all

mindlessdream unni_bae 11 days ago

Lots of the actual rookies actors (not the idols ones like Sejeong and Rowoon) have shown great potential in their other dramas. Jang Dong Yoon was phenomenal in Solomon's Perjury, and Seo Ji Hoon was pretty good in Solomon's Perjury and Signal. I've heard pretty good things about Kim Jung Hyun. As for Seol In Ah (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), Park Se Wan (Goblin) and Kim Hee Chan (Cheese in the Trap, they were okay in the dramas I've watched, but not exceptional. Hopefully they do continue to show a growth in acting potential.

The End



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