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One says he talked to Samuel Kim's mother and showed him support

By jennywill   13 days ago   54,527   13,147   0



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One talked about Samuel Kim.

The pair had debuted together as 1PUNCH, but had gone their separate ways. During One's debut media day, he was asked about Samuel Kim. He said, "I couldn't watch all of 'Produce 101' because I was busy preparing for my debut. But I hope he does well."


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He added, "I haven't talked to him personally. However, my manager contacted Samuel's mother, and I talked to her to relay my support to him."

One will be debuting later today at 6PM KST on the 11th, and Samuel Kim will be debuting on August 2nd.

  1. One
  2. Samuel Kim

MsArchetype 12 days ago

I'm still shook over the the lyrics to HEYHA.

Imshook 12 days ago

Looks like force?

kimmiefonze 12 days ago

ILoveSummer 12 days ago

It takes 1 mins to send a message to Samuel on SNS or on phone. But this guy contacted Samuel's mom through his manager. So it seems he doesn't really care. They're like former co-workers. sigh!

i_belong_to_yg ILoveSummer 12 days ago

you do realize trainees (for most of the time) are not allowed to have their phones or make contacts with other artists unless their manager approves, right? just checking....

hiroonakamura 12 days ago

that 1Punch idea might've possibly been THE stupidest idea anyone has ever had in all of kpop history. Why didnt anyone in that label say "hold up - this idea is crap. It's never gonna work"?

MsArchetype hiroonakamura 12 days ago

GURL my thoughts! Together they don't mix but when they're on their own, it's awesome.

hiroonakamura MsArchetype 11 days ago

im a guy haha

caitlinnolly 12 days ago

idk man their relationship has quite obviously been blown out

ScarletRebel 12 days ago

Ok so apparently this was mistranslated. Jaewon didn't even talk to the mom but his MANAGER did..... I'm..... that's just disrespectful....

RayAlkay ScarletRebel 12 days ago

he talked to his mom. the manager called samuel's mom and then one talked to her

Armyinthehouse 12 days ago

Not sure but what I knew back then was that One left him without a word and they are in bad terms because of that. Like, if One was the bad guy of this story. Not going to drag the past but that's how I know the story.

Jamjamjamjamjam 12 days ago

I think all of this is just for media play i dont think he really does care because they did not seperate in good terms. I can remember when Reddy dissed One in SMTM for leaving Punch alone, Sammy tweeted smth like "good job Reddy hyung" so...

ScarletRebel Jamjamjamjamjam 12 days ago

It was Xitsuh aka Chulgoo

bluequail Jamjamjamjamjam 12 days ago

its totally media play...

NORM 12 days ago

Them not talking doesnt always = bad blood. They debuted together for less than a year, and that was two years ago. How many of you guys sill talk to your junior coworkers when u leave a job/school for less than a year. Not even counting their 8yr age difference. Its not a bad thing to just be coworkers

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