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KARD add more cities to their concert tour in America!

By KpopJoA   18 days ago   38,125   7,155   0



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Rejoice all KARD fans! DSP Media's super rookie co-ed group will be making their official debut soon and it was recently announced that they will be extending their concert tour in America this fall!

SubKulture Entertainment shared the exciting news of "WILD KARD" 2017 THE 1ST TOUR IN AMERICA PT.2! In part 1 of the tour, KARD visited Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. They will be visiting all new cities for part 2! Beginning on September 15, KARD will be visiting 5 major cities. The first stop is up north in Minneapolis, they will then head their way towards the east coast stopping at Washington D.C. on September 17, New York on September 20, and Miami, Florida on September 22. The group will then have a few weeks before they head over to the west coast to San Francisco on October 8.

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Be sure to mark your calendars!

  1. KARD

Skyepop 17 days ago

I hope they make more behind the scenes videos with LG. Those are really fun.

lume90 18 days ago

Minnesota yay!!

thealigirl8 18 days ago

Welp. I'm from Minnesota but hey, guess who's in KOREA right now?!?!?!

ravina_xD 18 days ago

Atlanta please 😭

whatever101 18 days ago

happy they'll be coming to NYC but if they expect me to sell my foot and unborn fetus's soul to the devil to afford GOOD tickets than i will definitely have to pass

fabian_pacheco 18 days ago

I thought that by "America" they meant the continent but no, is just USA

dahyessi fabian_pacheco 18 days ago

ppl seem to forget america is a continent pretty often...

BigBlueagain fabian_pacheco 18 days ago

America is the U.S.A. Canada is Canada, Mexico is Mexico. When you have the name in your country's name, it's gonna happen. Anyone who's touring the continent will specify by saying North America or South America.

MrDapper fabian_pacheco 16 days ago

Everyone knows that when someone says "America" they mean the U.S.

BigBlueagain dahyessi 16 days ago

America is not a continent. North America is a continent. South America is a continent. "America" is the shortened form of The United States of America... Unless you wish to type that out every time you talk about us, deal.

krell BigBlueagain 16 days ago

@dahyessi <-- As observation too ; people from SOUTH America can actually *correctly* be referred to as "AMERICANS" too ; just *SOUTH* Americans. So, my view, using "USA" is your best choice. The BRITS (UK) like to call USA "YANKS" too. Referring to a BRIT as a "LIMEY" seems about GONE as slang ; sadly. It referred to the fact that BRIT *sailors* ate LIMES (fruit) to prevent SCURVY (disease). That was likely WAY MORE than you wanted to know it ... ... Which, *SCURVY* seems like a possible Male K-pop Group Name ; or Male RAPPER type name ... After all, DICKPUNKS Group is STILL GOING (I believe).

BigBlueagain krell 16 days ago

IF people wish to refer to themselves as North Americans or South Americans, whatever. But "American", is the U.S.A.. Not Canadian, not Mexican, Panamanian, Bolivian, Peruvian, Brazilian or any of the other countries in these two continents. American is a citizen of the United States of America in North America.

tangy 18 days ago

it's a fanmeet tour not a concert tour....please change!

krell 18 days ago

With BM (Big Matthew) ; KARD has a *good* English Language speaker. So DSP Agency is *smart* to get KARD to the USA/Canada in this manner. DSP Agency really *needs* for KARD Group to do well ; as their *new* 'Anchor' Group. And it *seems* like DSP is *supporting* KARD pretty well financially. Hope their S.KOREA DEBUT goes well.

5luckystars 18 days ago

When are the tickets going on sale?

judyi 18 days ago

I will see you one day in Seattle, if you come I PROMISE TO GO!

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