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Black Pink's Jennie explains how she learned to look at the camera properly from G-Dragon

By KpopJoA   11 days ago   150,381   29,821   0



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The July 10 broadcast of MBC FM4U's 'Jung Yoo Mi's FM Date' welcomed Black Pink on the air where member Jennie recalled her moments standing on stage together with G-Dragon before her debut.

Black Pink mentioned, "Our trainee days were long.  It was such a touching moment when we won first place for the very first time."

Jennie then revealed, "Before my debut, there was a time when I was able to stand on stage with G-Dragon sunbaenim.  I didn't know the basics back then so I found myself being lost most of the time since I didn't know how to look at the camera." Referring to her performance of "Black" with G-Dragon on Inkigayo back in 2013.

Jennie performing with G-Dragon on Inkigayo in 2013.

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"However, G-Dragon sunbaenim was obviously used to it and knew what to do so he just naturally went with the flow.  Seeing this, I followed his moves and I saw the broadcast myself and realized how clumsy I appeared. After that, I tried to be more cautious on air the next time and learned how to look at the red light coming from the camera.  It was a very helpful tip when I made my debut with Black Pink," said Jennie, thanking the Big Bang leader.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is now scheduled to kick off the North American leg of his world tour starting with his concert in Seattle on July 11.

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  2. Jennie

gigi9 11 days ago

Is it me or does Jennie appear more voluptuous back then?  Her breast size during That XX appear a lot bigger

allinonetonone 11 days ago

Damn they look gucci af here!

beyondordinary 11 days ago

My ultimate biases, YG royalty right there <3

NoonaVip 11 days ago

Learning from the best. G dragon be looking like he's making love to that red light.

thefabcat92 NoonaVip 11 days ago

he probably did :)

jeannesakarias 11 days ago

little sister and bigbrother, i love them so much

Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Jennie unni, I am happy that g- dragon is helping you, but please be careful, don't stay alone with him, You are a very beautiful young girl. G-dragon is a young and horny boy, we never know what could happen. Just remember what happened to IU unni.

lmm913 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Roro1901 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

What happened with iu?

Wang_Sejung Roro1901 11 days ago

she made a mistake and while her parents were not at home invited Eunhyuk the monkey at home. Eunhyuk came t IU home and her bedroom and raped her. IU took her revenge by taking a photo of Eunhyuk naked in her bedroom and posting in social media.

ruthabigael Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Why did you think like that? Why you didnt think its hundred percent IU fault and eunhyuk has nothing to do about that? If eunhyuk raped her and she took her revenge by upload the pict, didnt it will be destroy their career? As i look IU now, it possible that IU not THAT innocent to be "raped" by eunhyuk. Please dont judge a man. GD or Eunhyuk

morglefay Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

what in the actual heck?! where has rape even come from?! you can get in BIG trouble spreading such career ruining lies, this comment has made me so mad, accusing people of rape when its such a serious thing, you should be ashamed of yourself

2ne1vipbigbang Roro1901 11 days ago

Don't listen to people with no brains.

Wang_Sejung morglefay 11 days ago

Just google it and find the photo of IU and Eunhyuk the monkey naked.

lmm913 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

I google'd it, but the only search result I got was, "Why won't Tiny_Wang just SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

Wang_Sejung lmm913 11 days ago

Why are you insisting showing that you are a son of the bitch? Are you proud to be a bastard?

lmm913 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Why do you keep pretending like you're some Korean girl who always types in broken English, like a total dumbfuck?

Wang_Sejung lmm913 11 days ago

with my broken English, if I am not Korean where I am from, dumbass?

lmm913 11 days ago

Wang_Sejung lmm913 11 days ago

I am not toilet genitor like your mother! I am a PHD student!

lmm913 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Are koreans the only people who's native language isn't English, you limp dick, fuckface?

Wang_Sejung lmm913 11 days ago


lmm913 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

lmfao. you wish you were the JANITOR. At least then you'd get paid. Everyone knows you do that as volunteer work

lmm913 Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

I've told you countless times that you were the product of your fathers drunken, one night stand, with a stray dog. Stop pretending like you dont know the truth, dipshit.

devilinblack1 11 days ago

I love this song

ahgase88 11 days ago

cute :) love that song

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