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Actress Moon Chae Won's alleged 'boyfriend' indicted

By KpopJoA   26 days ago   47,937   1,527   0



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A man known as 'A' in his 40s, who had claimed himself to be the "boyfriend" of actress Moon Chae Won, has been sentenced to prison, according to reports on June 30.

After harassing the actress on numerous occasions by writing fabricated messages on a blog and so forth, investigators decided to arrest Mr. A. Not showing any signs of repentance or remorse, the court agreed to indict him for defamation of character. 

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  1. Moon Chae Won

_Jarhon 26 days ago

Crash course on the law for AKP writer. Indictment is something prosecution decides, not the court. Indictment happens wayyyy before actual sentencing. So either he's been indicted ages ago and was now sentenced to prison. OR. He hasnt been sentenced at all yet and is just now being indicted for defamation of character.

krystalanne _Jarhon 26 days ago

He have been indicted but not yet sentenced. I think what Allkpop is talking about is that the court have decided that the guy will be arrested and be put in jail in the duration of his prosecution/trial until his the court give their final sentence.

_Jarhon krystalanne 26 days ago

Well that's yet ANOTHER concept. Whether he got bail or not. And there's no mention of that at all here.

thefabcat92 _Jarhon 24 days ago

guess akp can't take their own pill chill. they banned you?

Bule_Ciel 26 days ago

Wang_Sejung, BigBlueagain,bangeryun94  are always  fighting each other and always seen together they should soon become friends or a squad

_Jarhon 26 days ago

This article is a god damn mess.... so is he indicted or sentenced. Those are two massively different things. Defamation crimes while its possible to get a prison sentence, afaik nobody has in ages. Unless the crime is something insanely hurtful. ... But I guess I shouldn't expect much from AKP

Wang_Sejung 26 days ago

Good! I am happy the pervert BigBlueagain was arrested.

anotherSONE Wang_Sejung 26 days ago

poor BigBlueAgain :(

Wang_Sejung anotherSONE 26 days ago

Think also about the victims of pervert BigBlueagain.

bangeryun94 Wang_Sejung 26 days ago

What about your god damn victims you fucking child molestor?

UKihyun Wang_Sejung 26 days ago

i laughed. i laughed real hard

mypcy Wang_Sejung 26 days ago

I know BigBlueagain is your secret crush so be careful, Wang. You don't want to end up like the guy in this article.

Wang_Sejung mypcy 26 days ago

Don't worry dong saeng, BigWanker lives in the USA and I live in Korea!

mypcy Wang_Sejung 26 days ago

Aww, long distance relationship? It must be hard for since kept mentioning about him. :(

Wang_Sejung mypcy 26 days ago

I just want him to leave AKP, he is a sexual predator, he has nothing to do in AKP, he needs to see a doctor and take care of his mental health

NameIsMyName Wang_Sejung 25 days ago

pretty sure u the one that need to see a doctor and do something abour ur mental health...=)

bangeryun94 Wang_Sejung 24 days ago

No you don't live anywhere near Korea. Thank all the gods and dragons for that small blessing.

bangeryun94 Wang_Sejung 24 days ago

Then you should be leaving as well since you are an admitted porn addict and child molestor. We've told you, admit that everything you've said is a lie, allocute to all your lies and why you told them and Blue, me and others will leave allkpop. Stop trying to foist YOUR sexual perversions on people who know you are lying.

The End



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