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A Pink win #1 on this week's 'Show! Champion' with 'Five'!

By yckim124   20 days ago   15,979   6,193   0



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A Pink took home the trophy on this week's MBC Music 'Show! Champion'!

On the July 5 episode, A Pink was nominated for the 1st place along with Kim Chung Ha, G-Dragon, Black Pink, and MAMAMOO. The girl group ultimately took the win with ''Five''. This marks their second win with their latest song. 

SEE ALSO: A Pink take the trophy home with 'Five' on 'Show! Champion'!

Upon receiving the trophy, each of the members took turns to share thanks to their fans, family, and agency. 

Congratulations, A Pink!

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federick 20 days ago

I'm just so happy to see APink winning in music shows again!

csome2 20 days ago

Congrats 🍾🎉🎊🎈 now we need more win go pandas

makan 20 days ago

Congratulations Apink! Second win... and against very strong competition! And also look at Chung Ha... STILL hanging tough even after her promoting has ended!

shubhajan 20 days ago


nickybaenim 20 days ago

Blinks are crap. They had a lot of help with the youtube views and they started to brag that the achievement was by blinks only, and now that they are left alone, this is the result. They couldnt make BP win. Beaten by PANDAs? Are u kidding me? Well deserved BLINKS. Bunch of loooosers. No offense. With love Baby Nicky 😗❤❤💋

gigi9 nickybaenim 20 days ago

Loooool who's above on charts? BP, who's trending? BP, Who topped ITunes charts in various different countries? BP, who is up high on 50 social list ahead of big acts including Katy Perry? BP, does this music show wins that important for u to be this bashing? NOPE not at all this show champion wins is really insignificant, it feels like u can go to VIPs and tell them hey panda and Apink did better than GD, GD is a loser for not winning this time hahahaha really u sound pathetic

Chubbypanda gigi9 20 days ago

Leave him alone it's his way of expressing his anger, well CAN'T blame the person if some Blinks are immature and keep bashing other groups. Maybe we should let him have some cup of tea it might relax him or her. Blink Fan love and peace man.

alicehalf gigi9 20 days ago

but he's not promoting

NotBiasedKpop nickybaenim 20 days ago

So true. They are losers. WAHAHAHA

exidhoe99 20 days ago

Precious girls deserve only good thingss

alicehalf 20 days ago

Apink won over Mamamoo and Black Pink? Wow congrats to them !!!!

Max_South alicehalf 20 days ago

I am bad at knowing lass bands, but why there are TWO major groups that have words "Pink" in their names? Also, while there are TWO groups whose names consist of two colours like "Red Velvet" and "Black Pink"? Do SM, JYP and YG just mess with each other in this market?

CoMiRa Max_South 20 days ago

Apink is from a small company :)

Moomoomineelvis 20 days ago

Congrats apink and pandas Mamamoo figthing!

The End



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