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TWICE go unnoticed in Times Square during "TT" cover performance

By mkim93   26 days ago   194,526   26,945   0



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During TWICE's 'V-Live' broadcast, two members Jungyeon and Tzuyu were seen walking around and exploring Times Square as they're in New York for 'KCON NY 2017'.

While doing so, they came across a dance group covering their hit song "TT". They were flabbergasted that people were covering their dance but also the fact that their song itself was being played in Times Square.

The crowd was so focused on the dance cover, they failed to notice the two members from TWICE were actually present! After watching the cover, Jungyeon and Tzuyu walked away while filming the cover themselves in which the audience still did not notice them walking just behind them.

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Jim_A 25 days ago

It's New York.  Pretty much everything goes unnoticed.  Remember a story from last year where an entertainment program sent Henry Cavill into Times Square wearing a Superman "S" shirt and had him wander around under a giant Batman v Superman billboard for a couple of hours and no one ever noticed him.

Skyepop 25 days ago

They went unnoticed cos no-one knows who they are in America. And if they were into kpop they are unlikely to recognise someone if they are in a situation they wouldnt expect. Its how only 2 people noticed Prince William when he was in my local supermarket years ago.

ChanelOberlin Skyepop 25 days ago

I mean, those girls who danced to their song obvi know who they are, they would have freaked the f out hahahah

cutebear123 ChanelOberlin 24 days ago

I'm pretty sure they were too focused on trying to performing without mistakes, to look around for them in the middle of the giant crowd.

ChanelOberlin cutebear123 24 days ago

yh, why would they EVER think ''huh, maybe some twice member will be here somewhere'' xD

MrDapper 25 days ago

Some Kpop fans seem to think Kpop is bigger than it actually is because they are in the bubble. Don't wanna hurt your feelings but it is just a niche genre in America, and most of the Western world but mainstream in Asia. You should expect kpop celebrities to go largely unnoticed. Unless they are around Asian majority districts like Ktown.

ChanelOberlin MrDapper 25 days ago

I mean, BTS is making a name holy shit..i believe they will soon break the norm of ''kpop is not popular in USA'' not anytime soon, but in the future.

teleri MrDapper 25 days ago

Hey, a little group doing a cover had a large crowd in Times Square - I think that statement is insane, MrDapper.

Hyungshi 25 days ago

normal to be focus on the dance ... we don't stare at people who also enjoying the dance lol

Kotlertipo 25 days ago

if it was me who was on their side and didn't realize, I would blame myself for the rest of my life! My Queens! Omggggggggggggg !!

robin1 25 days ago

If Beyonce and Jay Z can walk around New York and not be bothered, pretty sure Twice can too seeming that New Yorkers don't have time to gawk at celebrities.  They look just like any other random Asian girls walking around.

MrDapper robin1 25 days ago

Beyonce and Jay Z don't go unnoticed though. They were at some restaurant recently on the upper east side, and there were so many paparazzi.

ChanelOberlin MrDapper 25 days ago

There, you said it. Upper east side. Thats the key words.

robin1 ChanelOberlin 25 days ago

Thank you.

steadystrike 25 days ago

Most of the people there probably don't know who TWICE were or their songs. The reason people gathered around to the cover of TT is because of people dancing to a song in a very famous public place. It's called a mob mentality. The people are first drawn to the performance and later people are drawn to the crowd,

soundxcrash 25 days ago

Photo Dance Bomb! lol

Yunnie55 25 days ago

knet comment, "it only means one thing, their songs are famous but not the girls." agree or disagree?

nosananolyf Yunnie55 25 days ago

disagree, I think everyone was just focusing on the dance and not their surroundings, plus near the end you can see a guy sitting taking a picture of them, it seems like they don't want to bother the girls who are having some free time

PrincessSeolhyun Yunnie55 25 days ago

disagree, at that time the TT dance is getting the crowd's attention and they are not paying attention to the people next to them etc

Fatimaaxo 25 days ago

BRUH the short hair girl looks like a man

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