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TWICE collaborate with Tokyo Tower!

By mkim93   24 days ago   19,053   4,165   0



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On June 29, one of TWICE's hits, "TT", shone brightly as pink, titled letters on one of Japan's landmarks, Tokyo Tower!

To celebrate their official Japanese debut, Tokyo Tower honored TWICE by writing "TT" on the tower so fans across the city can observe. For two days, June 29 through June 30, the writing will go up beginning at 7:00 PM in the evenings. While the title of one of TWICE's hits, the two letters "TT" could also stand for Tokyo Tower; the collaboration was carried out with the idea that both TWICE and the tower prosper together.

On June 29, TWICE personally visited the landmark and watched the countdown to their song name appearing on the tower. After witnessing the moment, they said, "We're very thankful for receiving such a meaningful gift and we'll continue to work hard to glow brightly just like the Tokyo Tower".

TWICE just released their Japanese album and will be performing for their fans through 'TWICE DEBUT SHOWCASE Touchdown in JAPAN' on July 2. Cool, isn't it?

SEE ALSO: TWICE place #2 on Japan's Oricon Daily Album Chart with '#TWICE' on the first day of sales!

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FPinkDayShidae 23 days ago

Wow this is so cool <3

CassieAlways2 23 days ago

TWICE just made their debut in Japan and they’re already taking over the country both figuratively and literally. Tokyo Tower only does light-ups for very special days or promotions like Olympics or Awareness Days!I'm not an Once but I'm proud, congratulations!

hinata08 23 days ago

Go twice, slaying as always!!!

Briannareal7 23 days ago

just like TT

Briannareal7 23 days ago

Make way for my super gorgeous babies! This is awesome!!!!

Lauriestore 23 days ago

I'm Japanese, and I love Twice too!

Briannareal7 Lauriestore 23 days ago

So cutee!

Lauriestore 23 days ago

My Queens did that! I literally got goosebumps while reading this. Twice's popularity is literally no joke❤! CONGRATULATION AGAIN MY GIRLS ! SLAYY THE WORLD !

BigBlueagain Lauriestore 23 days ago

Warner Music Japan did that. (smh) idiot.

hinata08 Lauriestore 23 days ago


CassieAlways2 BigBlueagain 23 days ago

Look, it's the lady blah, blah, blah! Always full of love at heart and lots of blah blah blah!

binhaq 23 days ago

Makes sense to me. Special occasions such as olympics, awareness such as pink day, diabetes day, Twice coming to town day. yup. Not just nation's girlgroup, but worldwide girlgroup.

BigBlueagain 23 days ago

You'd think Warner Music Japan could have at least sprung for the Tokyo Skytree. Instead they paid for this obsolete, built in the 1950s TV tower. (smh)

CassieAlways2 BigBlueagain 23 days ago

Sorry lady blah blah blah, I will give dislike to you, it is hater pathetic!

mondaylunes5 23 days ago

TWICE Fighting always... Everytime I saw this young girls working hard I support them, especially when boygroups dominate the industry, just saw a glimpse of girl group making it to the top, makes me hell yeah you go girl!! Give more love to them.. They working hard with the schedule, far from families, training until midnight, must smile, especially girls! Tokyo Tower only does light-ups for very special days or promotions like Olympics or Awareness Days AND TWICE GOT THAT! So proud of them. Once's Queens TWICE...FIGHTING!!!

binhaq mondaylunes5 23 days ago

Now this is cool. Twice gets more popular everyday!

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