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New film 'Real' starring Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli is being called the worst movie in Korean history

By yckim124   22 days ago   272,253   14,669   0



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New film 'Real' starring Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli is getting bombarded with negative reviews. 

The film was finally released in theaters on June 28 after numerous months of hype. Many viewers were looking forward to the new movie because it starred Kim Soo Hyun, one of Korea's hottest actors, and also because it's Sulli's first production as an actress after leaving f(x)

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'Real' also gained great attention for the explicit scenes in which Sulli bravely threw away her idol image and went completely nude. 

Unfortunately, the film failed to meet the high expectations and was met with harsh criticism. Netizens are even calling it one of the worst films in Korean history. 

On portal site Naver Movie, 'Real' received 4.85 stars out of 10 from netizens.

Reviews stated, ''The person who understood this movie deserves a Nobel prize", "Seriously, the worst movie of 2017", "I can probably film a better movie with my iPhone. Real annoyed", "Why did Kim Soo Hyun film this movie... I'm starting to think his life was threatened... I'm seriously concerned", "I quit smoking 5 years ago but this movie made me start smoking again", "This is too much... This can't be a movie", "A movie that needs to pay me to watch it... Time is gold", "The biggest crap of all time."

As of June 28, 'Real' has drawn a total of 150,839 moviegoers to the box office. 

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dahkiwoo22 19 days ago

Koreans fan are always negative about everything. don't watch it then.

ladyfreya 20 days ago

I thought so. KSY and Sulli are role model of youth but what they are thinking? This is the first movie of KSY oppa that i don't want to watch. Nude? Seriously?

KimmyHyuAn 21 days ago

Here we go again! Double Standard to the highest level. You are all complaining about the nude scenes yet that was not the first nude scene in korean film history. Lol!

FK97 21 days ago

I swear cinema tickets aren't even expensive.

Kbloom 21 days ago

um like there's also that korean movie that only sold one box office ticket lol

prady 21 days ago

where can I watch this movie? For science reasons, and plot.

pink_oracle prady 21 days ago

You should still be able to see the nude scene on youtube. To see the whole movie you'd have to go to a Korean cinema.

HogooKang prady 19 days ago

You need to wait a few months to watch this movie with eng sub, unless you want to watch it with shaky camera quality and no eng sub right now

KVK 21 days ago

There are 3 options: Its really terrible movie or Its just not for common people ( I mean that the majority of people like movies just for chilling. Maybe this movie is kind of movie where you need to use your brain ) or people are just overreacting. To be honest Im curious about this movie, and Ill definitely see it. But something tells me that its not the worst Korean movie ever.

GabrielGoldem KVK 21 days ago

if you want to see something similar watch Phanton Detective with Lee Hee Joon and youll see a great filmic piece thrilling violent and amazingly well acted.

KVK GabrielGoldem 21 days ago

Thank you for recommendation :)

liviekate 22 days ago

knetz also defended sulli

Kbloom liviekate 21 days ago

i heard that a lot of the bad reviews were because of her, but she wasn't like a huge character in the plot? maybe its not a movie for everybody

liviekate Kbloom 21 days ago

i havent seen the film myself yet but some people have said shes the only reason worth watching it

stevekpoprock 22 days ago

their poor acting and terrible s*x scenes did make me cringe and wonder: What where the director and cast thinking?? his movie is a mess, their s*x scenes that just end up annoying, awkward, unreal and just poorly demostrated. the concept, acting and production were ALL horrible in his movie (this is kim soo hyun's movie), this can't be a movie, tha's looked as one of the WORST cheap porn ever made. ps. Sulli need improve her acting, even her nudes could not save that mess "movie" and her poor acting. Let's honest, kim soo hyun's acting was not that good.

Kbloom stevekpoprock 21 days ago

where were you able to watch it?

KimmyHyuAn stevekpoprock 21 days ago

So those praises to Soo Hyun's acting that came from directors was just a joke?

Eydein 22 days ago

I need to see it to make my own opinion, because to me it looks like salty netz' are overreacting, guess why? ...

cocomonkey Eydein 22 days ago

Yeah, same here.

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