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Ai Shinozaki appears on 'Section TV' and says she's a fan of TWICE + talks dating rumors with Hongki

By mkim93   30 days ago   20,754   1,177   0



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On June 25, famous Japanese Gravure idol Ai Shinozaki appeared on 'Section TV' for a quick interview.

During this episode, she expressed that she is a fan of TWICE and even sang "TT" a little bit for the cast. Also, the MCs asked cautiously about the dating rumors that occurred between her and F.T. Island's Hongki couple years ago. She replied that they were good friends and that she didn't get a chance to contact him this time but do talk to each other from time to time.

Ai Shinozaki is a famous actress, singer, and a model based in Japan. She is currently in Korea to attend and receive an award for a magazine she participated in last year.

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Maba 28 days ago

Nobody cared when okita anri came as a guest in a korean show:'(

makan 29 days ago

I wonder how many new Korean fans (mostly male I am guessing) will she have now...

BakaKaori 29 days ago

I wonder what Koreans think of gravure models, since the country is so conservative.

alfonzo 29 days ago

of course not because of their 'talent' but Twice have 3 japanese member

SistarMyQueens 29 days ago

Damn, great tits.

JxK 30 days ago

LOL She sang "Cheer Up" and NOT "TT." :3

shubhajan 30 days ago

another Japanese idol that are a fan of Twice!! 1 day left until the Japanese debut!! cant wait!

MidnightKpop 30 days ago


Onion_Rings 30 days ago

Oh, I actually know this woman. She's really popular in Japan.Popular for her singing, acting, but MOSTLY for..... other reasons.....I'm sure all men know what I'm talking about.

steadystrike Onion_Rings 29 days ago

Her personality?

BakaKaori Onion_Rings 29 days ago

Yeah when you're a gravure model we all know what you're famous for...

peladocarlos 30 days ago

She's the kind of 'singer' that will impress everybody with her "talents"...

Mynameisjeff peladocarlos 30 days ago


estheram peladocarlos 29 days ago

Are they real? No, right?

SilverJung peladocarlos 29 days ago

well almost all of japanese idol try gravure, its kind of normal there lol, i wonder what korean ppl though of this

L_catzzz peladocarlos 29 days ago

How is this picture any different than seeing women in their bikini's?

L_catzzz SilverJung 29 days ago

Oh please....Korea have Bambino, Laysha, Switch, Dimepiece, Icia and etc3. Some of them (if not all) have done those shots too. Plus, there are already many entertainers have done this kind of shots especially actresses and I don't see Koreans say anything much about it anyway (especially if it's done by an actress).

peladocarlos L_catzzz 28 days ago

It is quite different to make a photoshot showing some skin once in a while than building up a career by showing your boobs (if not more)... Most gravure idols begin their careers by publishing photobooks and DVDs 'modeling' with almost no clothes and in poses that are quite suggestive (if not 'hot'). And that it's not quite the same than to make some sexy photoshoot once in a while. Also, ICIA, Bambino, Laysha as many others beside the ones you name are groups formed by models (with a lot of PS procedures), most of them regulars on car shows, which make their performances, MVs and photo releases quite a lot more 'revealing' than the ones from the "regular" girls groups.

peladocarlos L_catzzz 28 days ago

The difference between this picture and one of some woman on bikiny it's that this photo is part of a whole photobook and DVD release filled with images similar to this one. In fact, do a Google Images search about Ai and tell me how many images of her 'fully dressed' amidst all of those like this one you can find.

peladocarlos estheram 28 days ago

I've never have seen any japanese gravure or AV idol with fake boobs. Although it's not something I really like, the few gravure I know doesn't look like having any PS procedure.

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