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Actor Kim Soo Hyun sheds tears at VIP screening of 'Real'

By elliefilet   22 days ago   50,992   3,919   0



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Kim Soo Hyun was captured crying at a recent VIP screening for the film 'Real'.

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A clip of the handsome actor tearing up at the screening held on June 27 has been spreading online. As expected, fans were curious why Kim Soo Hyun suddenly choked up while introducing himself, and his agency explained, "Usually only close friends and family are invited to VIP screenings for films. Kim Soo Hyun saw his acquaintances at the VIP screening and felt, 'They're on my side,' and teared up for a moment."

'Real' staff also stated, "Because Kim Soo Hyun has suffered and put in his all for his movie, he has a lot of affection for 'Real'. We think he might've cried thinking of all the memories from the shoot."

Check out the clip below.

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    1. Kim Soo Hyun
    2. real

    Bungtan 19 days ago

    I think deep down he knows the film is bad but he made it so...I just hope he comes back with a good drama soon

    Gaming_Haku 20 days ago

    i love Sulli. fuck everything else.

    koukou23 22 days ago

    choosing sulli to be his partner in this movie was a big mistake , where ever she goes she bring hate with her

    Maggie koukou23 22 days ago

    Sulli only has a small part as far as I know. She isn't the reason the film failed.

    intricate Maggie 22 days ago

    some even think she is the reason the film didn't fail harder.

    Longan_Lychee 22 days ago

    I would cry too if I invested millions of my own money only to see how the filming and post production has stretched for 2-3 years and the only media articles released were about the sex scenes and that animal cruelty advocate attention whore Sulli’s 15 s nude scene and Sulli this and Sulli that. Oppa, please next time choose better projects and without idol actors/actresses unless they are good like Do Kyungsoo or Nana. Times of bad films, where women are treated only as objects, are over now. People won’t buy them anymore hopefully.

    Ilt3Kpopforever Longan_Lychee 21 days ago

    you guys really need to stop fucking blaming sulli for everything shes a great person to be honest you guys just dont like her blunt honesty or how she doesn't give a fuck

    Longan_Lychee Ilt3Kpopforever 21 days ago

    Go worship that animal cruelty advocate attention whore Sulli. I already wrote that Real sucked anyway but the articles around that movie concentrated mostly on Sulli. She was also in all of the promo events so she needs to take the responsibility too. Life doesn’t go the way you want it to go. If Real was an success, you delulu Sulli stans would say that she is a queen actress or whatever but when this failed, you’re saying that Sulli was like 1 min in it anyway. Lolololol. Just like stupid Suzy fans said when Sound of Flower failed hard in box office.

    UKihyun 22 days ago

    I'm not gonna say it. I'm not going to say anything, I'm just going to back out of the article slowly without making any bad jokes

    Amber_B UKihyun 22 days ago

    That's a change for you !

    UKihyun Amber_B 22 days ago

    My brain ran through like 45 things I wanted to say but then I realized I don't like talking to these people and I know what will happen anyway, they will inundate me with bad bad comebacks, and cry even more than he did at this premiere, so I just eased on out quietly

    The End


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