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[Drama Review] 'Uncontrollably Fond' - Episode 17

By eric_r_wirsing   Thursday, September 1, 2016   15,463   1,936   0



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What do you mean this isn't gluten free?

Joon Young hesitates because cancer has affected his memory, but he lets Jung Eun in and doesn't acknowledge Noh Eul? She might as well be invisible. I was a little surprised by that at first, but I figured it may be a side effect, or possibly to make the deception more believable? That's why this drama throws me sometimes. They don't tell you the whole story.

At the Choi's, Jung Eun's dad intends to dissolve the partnership between the two houses, along with the privileges of power. That's when they tell him his own daughter is unfaithful. That was priceless. His reaction to the news is what we expect, but we don't find out whether or not he still dissolved things. Are they still good? Or is that in limbo?

No! This is mine! Get your own!

Noh Eul goes home with Joon Young's mom who takes pity on her, feeds her, and gets her drunk. Joon Young records a message on his camera to work on his failing memory. His mom calls him over to watch Noh Eul. He spends the night holding her and leaves before she wakes up. This is another place where I wasn't sure about. Why can't he tell her what's going on? Just be with her secretly while taking down the Choi's!

Joon Young finds Choi waiting for him at home, and the two men threaten to destroy each other. Later, it results in an article posted about Joon Young doing illegal drugs.

Na Ri tries to tear Jik and Ha Ru apart -- especially when she finds out Ha Ru is Choi's daughter. This was a scene I had to watch again because it confused me. I was thinking in my head, "She's telling you not to see her because she's the devil's daughter," but Na Ri didn't actually say that. Which explains Jik's reaction -- he promises to stay with her and holds her.

What we need to see more of in this bleak, bleak drama.

Joon Young has Noh Eul film his wedding proposal to Jung Eun. After she's done, he turns the camera back on and hands her the laptop it's patched into. She watches as he admits to Jung Eun why he seduced her, and the truth about stealing the evidence and being responsible for her brush with death...

And that's where it blew me away. Finally, Noh Eul gets the whole story. Everything. But what I don't get is why he couldn't tell her before now. Why the whole big ruse, being actively cruel to her. I got outraged when I saw her filming the proposal. He made it better, but I still kept thinking how much is this girl supposed to put up with?

You take that back! That was a miserable pun!

They're jamming a lot into the episodes again, but at least it's heading to a close, moving the plot forward even if I don't agree with some people's reactions. I'm still weirded out by some of it, but I'm not sure it's supposed to make sense.




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