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[Song & MV Review] Fei - 'Fantasy'

By eric_r_wirsing   Friday, July 29, 2016   12,973   1,988   12



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Track List:

1. Sweet Sexy Fei
2. Fantasy
3. One More Kiss

The lovely Fei has finally dropped her much-anticipated new single "Fantasy." The talented singer unveils three brand new tracks on this sizzling summer debut.

"Sweet Sexy Fei" and  "Fantasy" are two of a kind. They're both slow, sexy, low-key dance tracks. That's more than their description -- it's also their problem. It's Hyomin's "Sketch" parts 2 and 3, but without the star power. They're not bad in and of themselves, but they're just there. No song should be *just* anything. They fade into the background way too easily. I feel that stronger vocals could have done wonders for both of these bland offerings.

"One More Kiss" is a familiar-sounding ballad, but probably the highlight of the album. Fei uses vibrato to great effect here and adds emotional punch to the track. I like this outlier simply because it got my attention. It's a diamond in the rough, a retro-ballad stripped of some of the electronic flourishes that decorate the other tunes. It shows off Fei's range and demonstrates some of what she's capable of.

It's clear her producers are listening to the competition, but there's way too many of these kinds of songs out there for these to shine. They should have been finding ways for Fei to be different, and that's my issue. Sorry Fei, but my 'fantasy' is more exciting than this.


The video is something else again. Some guy puts on some VR goggles and watches Fei strut her stuff. We see Fei in various alluring poses while framed by interesting special effects. There's a sequence with glowing hula hoops and other shots with duplicate Feis that disintegrate into pixels. Finally, at the end, Fei's there, in person. The guy doesn't need the goggles anymore.

As underwhelmed as I was with the song, the MV is a rich visual feast. Being a gearhead in love with gadgets this grabbed my interest. Fei's a lovely woman, certainly, but the CGI was as captivating. There's a reason this has over a million views.

Definitely, the focus is on her and the male gaze, but I was enamored of the rich tableau of effects, plus the idea of pop stars and VR (anybody seen 4minute's "Canvas?"). The MV for "Fantasy" gets my stamp of approval.


MV Relevance.......9
MV Production......9
MV Concept..........9



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    1. Fei
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    intricate Saturday, July 30, 2016

    i think the song should be taken into consideration with the MV... I'm guessing they were both written in accordance to each other... not like what they usually do with having the song first, and then some director applying his idea of what style suits the song. No.. I think the reason this MV works is because the whole thing was produced in harmony. I'd really like to know if this really is the case, because if it indeed was some director who came a long, gave the song a listen and worked to make an MV to suit the song then the guy is an absolute genius. The song in itself is not that spectacular (although I wouldn't give it as low as a 5, especially composition deserves at least a 7 if you ask me), but it's so easy on the ears, as a kind of almost dreamy lounge music fraught with emotions of lust and desire. But that's exactly why the MV goes so well with it. I've rarely experienced this kind of total immersion from an MV as a whole.

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    Pinky_La Friday, July 29, 2016

    I have to disagree with this. I think Sweet Sexy Fei and Fantasy would have been good openers for a full album ( so, maybe 15 tracks, because that would have given her something to actually work with) and One More Kiss should have been in with a lineup of ballads (so maybe three or four). All in all to me, it was good but it felt incomplete. Once I heard it, I expected there to be more. There SHOULD have been more.

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    dahyuns Friday, July 29, 2016

    Fei's lives are really impressive too. They sound exactly like the studio version, and her choreo is so pretty!

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