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POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?

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What day of the week are you?

  • Tuesday

  • Thursday

  • Sunday

  • Friday

  • Monday

  • Wednesday

Pick an Instrument!

  • Mic

  • None - Im PERFECT

  • Drum

  • Bass

  • Guitar

  • Keyboard

If you were stuck on a deserted Island... =0

  • Soak in the sun

  • Crawl up in a ball and cry…

  • Make a survival plan / find shelter and food

  • Yell and yell for help

  • Build a raft and go searching for land

  • Record your days in a makeshift journal

What's your favorite thing to see in the sky?

  • Crescent moon

  • Lightning

  • Airplane

  • Rainbow

  • Fluffy clouds

  • Stars

Which highschool stereotype best describes you?

  • Valedictorian

  • Theater geek

  • Prom Queen/King

  • Class clown

  • Towel boy/girl

  • Jock

What would you do in your free time?

  • Read or Write

  • Hit the Clubs

  • Karaoke

  • All Work No Play

  • Go Shopping

  • Homebody

  • POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?


    Get your LEADER tee here!

    You've proven yourself to be the rightful leader of the group for your responsible and hardworking nature, making sure that things get done promptly and accepting punishment for when you fail. You are the oil that makes the group work smoothly like a machine, watching over everything with a keen hawk's eye and also being there for your group when they need comfort and advice. You are the mother hen who protects the members, but also likes to tease them and maybe abuse your power just a little bit.
  • POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?


    Get your RAPPER hoodie here!

    Possibly the most artistic member of the group, you have multiple creative outlets, whether you express yourself through writing lyrics, composing songs, or rapping. On the quiet side, you don't really have to speak as you have a unique charisma that does all the talking for you. You also are one of the biggest dreamers and have a natural confidence that allows you to express your feelings, thoughts, and general personality with no inhibitions.
  • POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?


    Get your VISUAL crew here!

    Visual does not mean you just have a pretty face - it also means you have a magnetic pull that simply grabs attention even if you're just walking by without doing much else. Your sweet demeanor and quiet personality attracts bees like honey, which is why you're always placed in the center of most dance moves and group photos. You're an easily likeable person, which is how you became the face of the group!
  • POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?

    Lead Vocal

    Get your VOCAL snapback here!

    You are talented to the core and a hard worker to the boot! Another big dreamer in the group, you know what you want and you will do anything to get it, including practicing long hours and honing your already impressive skills. You are the most confident when you have a mic in your hand, ready to belt out the tunes like a diva or go for a more soothing option to express more poignant emotions.
  • POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?


    Get your DANCER tee here!

    As the dancer of the group, you are in charge of the confidence - exuding your charisma through simple struts, powerful dance moves, and intense gazes. Born with a natural sexiness, you know how to express your individualism and freedom through the body. You can be tough one moment and graceful the next, but no one can deny your amazing athleticism and stunning body.
  • POPQUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?


    Get your MAKNAE snapback here!

    You're a cutie who knows how to listen to others and acquiesce (unless you're an evil maknae like Kyuhyun, of course). A sweetheart to the core, you have a certain innocence and naivete about you that makes others want to protect you. You can also be a bit clueless at times, but you generally have good intentions. However, you may at times be just a bit mischievous, especially when you get the rare chance to take some harmless revenge on your older members.





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    jesyeol Saturday, August 20, 2016

    Lead Vocal. I don't even sing that great LOL. I thought I would've gotten rapper though.

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    FeelTheJiBooty Tuesday, August 2, 2016

    I'm a rapper; yisss

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    Tomboy_kat Sunday, July 24, 2016

    I got leader... what I wanted 2nd most.. behind Maknae XD

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