Joonhyuk officially leaves DAY6

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JYP Entertainment has officially announced the departure of Im Joonhyuk from DAY6.

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On February 27, through an official statement on DAY6's fancafe, JYP wrote,

"Hi, this is JYP Entertainment.

Up until now, Joonhyuk who participated in activities as a member of DAY6 has officially withdrawn from the group and due to personal reasons his contract has been canceled. 

Please continue to support Joonhyuk who is going down a new path along with DAY6 as they are currently preparing to meets fans with a new album.

Thank you."

There's some fan speculation that the reason Joonhyuk is leaving is because of the controversy that erupted when there were gossip reports stating he was dating a fan.

DAY6 is now down to 5 members and they made their official debut back on September 7, 2015 with the release of their mini album 'The Day' featuring their hit single "Congratulations."

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MelodyForever Tuesday, March 1, 2016

this is the full story about Joonhyuk flirting with fans :

*(delete the space)

http: //www. koreaboo. com/uncategorized/ jyp-male-idol-fire-allegedly-flirting-fan/

I feel sorry for him

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Inspirint4life Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Everyone's mad about this situation... and like I totally understand from like a fan point of view. But guys it was a breach ;of contract, he swore on his job that he would wait the allotted time before dating. Like honestly 3 years isn't a lot of time, especially since they just debuted. 3 years is enough time to gain and maintain a stable fan base and become at least a little popular, I personally think that if he would have played it smart he shoulda focused on his work but stay in touch with the girl until the allotted time was but you know whatevs. In my opinion I think the worst part about this is this girl has put yet another stain on the fan name. This is the kind of stuff that makes our idols reluctant to get close to us and get to know us. This is the type of stuff that has created the name "saesang fan", I dont understand why people have to go out here and make us all look bad by doing something like this...

BTW, I'm not actually really a fan of Day6 ... or 5Alive. Im just a fan of Jaehyung I watched him in KpopStar, was sups sad when he got eliminated but I'm glad he finally debuted. This is the main reason i commented on this. Because now that this as happened just as another fan said now this is the first thing that is gonna come to mind when they think of them... and it's just totally unfair because they didnt do anything wrong

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emeshuo Monday, February 29, 2016

I can't believe that a member already left from such a great group. They haven't even celebrated their first year anniversary! :'((((((((

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mashivip4life Monday, February 29, 2016

this is exactly why i can't take kpop seriously anymore and am actually so repulsed by the system sometimes. this industry and fan culture is nothing but ridiculous, backwards, and pathetic. last time i checked being in love was a GOOD thing and something to be congratulated about, ESPECIALLY from people that like you and care about you like FANS. korea needs to come to its senses and stop calling dating a FUCKING SCANDAL. like do they really not realize how illogical and backwards they are from the rest of the world? and it's ten times more ridiculous considering these idols' job literally consists of singing and dancing to songs about love and boys and girls and all that crap but that's the exact thing they're forbidden from. how the fans can even listen to their music with such a contradiction completely baffles me. this system is absolutely wrong in every way and is not what music or life is about and it actually makes me sick.

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injungim Monday, February 29, 2016

does he really leave because of a fan? because a dating ban?
his case isn't as serious as jaebum with 2PM in the past. why leave so early omg

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Chhavi Monday, February 29, 2016


OMG!!! The only person's voice I loved in Day6 has left???!!!!

*flips tables*

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mirr_a Monday, February 29, 2016

Junhyeok might have went against the dating ban.
But is it so bad that he has to leave? Can't they just exercise a stricter control over his movements and such?

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raeraechu Monday, February 29, 2016

what, they just debuted and now one member leaves ;( awww

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Kwon_SeungChai Monday, February 29, 2016

yes it's such a fucked up thing to do as a fan but in the first place Joonhyuk should've flirted the thing is he has a contract and if there is a policy that states no dating he should've followed it. as an employee he would've been fired as well if he didn't follow the rules of his contract. but if the reason of him leaving is not because of this dating a fan scandal then good luck to his future endeavors

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floqkpop Monday, February 29, 2016

Honestly I blame the fan. Joonhyuk told the fan not to post the message, but she did. That resulted in his decision to leave Day6.

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